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Write a message to Lonestar..please

Please everybody should wirte a Merry Christmas message to Lonestar, so that she can see that we care <3 please

A Special Merry Christmas for "The Wierdo from Hell"

I made this blog for you because you are in my heart and I care how you feel
You are one of the reasons why I'm happy to be here in this community, I'm happy to have met you and that you write me <3

I will never lose you, you are so important for me <3

Love you <3

p.s. please never forget MCRmy are a family and we hold together, no matter what will happen <3

Gee new music project & UA

Gee wrote on Twitter that his music project is almost finished and that he will workon UA3 and 4 :D

Really great news :D I hope that his album will come out soon and that he will go on tour :D

Christmas is coming and I'm so exited

I love Christmas time: being with the family, eating good meal, getting awesome gifts :) really great

Do you have any wishes for christmas gifts? XD

may death never stop you...

Really great that there is a new song on it, I'm so happy for that :)

But I still don't know how to feel about it....

my hopes are: when they saw that the fans love the new song, maybe they will come back together.........

I really want that they come back, (yeah, I know, a lot of people would say:when they feel better to get solo and so......., but I can't live without them, every time when I listened to their music, I feel sad.. I NEED THEM BACK....)


30 Seconds to Mars is coming to Luxembourg

I'm so exiting :) They are coming to my country :) <3

Love them so much :)

Sorry for my last post

I'm so sorry for my last post here, don't know what was wrong with me
normally I never critizised anything on Gee, sorry :( he is for me perfect

You're right, I'm so selfish :(

Feeling so bad that I wrote this shit ..... sorry and I hope you can apolozie me for this :(

Sorry, but Gee???

I follow Gee on Twitter, but he wrote so weird things on it like:

"Oh and I got my apron it's sick it's like bright red #bignews"


"There's nothing like a floor cleaned with Pine Sol"

Sorry, but what the hell is he doing??
cleaning the house???
Hasn't he nothing to do or what? that's what I think after reading this!!!!

What's about the letters?? Maybe he could answer the letters instead of cleaning the house......
What's about his new album?? when will it be released??

Sorry for this negative post about him, don't mean it so cruel, like it's written here XD

Love him <3

Missed Frank's Vinyl... :(

The preorder was at 6a.m. in my country and I woke up at 7 a.m., but it was already sold out in 30min.... really sad

Just 400 pieces and 100 of them were signed, and I missed this :(

The digital download will come at dec 10th, but it isn't the same as a vinyl...
(It could have been my first vinyl,but.....)