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I'm so happy :D and proud of him :D

and I'm happy that Mathew McConaughy won it too :D

Academy Awards tonight !!!!!

I'm so exited for it, because I hope so much that Jared Leto will win it <3


p.s. this will be a very long night for me.....

Who is going to watch the academy awards?

I'm from Europe and I will watch it XD which will be a very long night XD

who else is going to watch it XD

p.s. I watch it because of Jared Leto <3


super cute pic of Gee <3 on his instagram
Frank's new song :D

Frank's new song with his twins is so awesome :D
and the video is so cute <3

here is the link to it:

tell me your opinion? XD

I don't like to go out....

I'm a person who doesn't like to go out..especially to discos..because I hate this kind of music...and my friends live to far away from me.....

And also the carneval partys play disco music

Fake your death....

The song is awesome...but the video makes me sad :(

miss them so much :( regret it so much that I haven't seen them live :(


They show the 50 Anti Valentine songs and guess which who was on the 1st place XD

MCR with I don't love you :D

love this song :D<3

Gee has instagram :D<3
Still nothing from Lonestar :(

This make me really sad :( I really hope that she's okay.....