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hey guys- long time no see/post

my sis and I started a blog:

would be great if you take a look at it :)

any anime/manga fan here?

looking for some fans of anime/manga, would be cool to meet anyone.
I'm also looking for someone from japan, because im searching anime figures, which are already sold out and maybe still available in japan somehwhere?

Please visit our blog :D

hey guys
I really like this community even though that it is kinda dead after the break up of mcr and the community for a long time. before the break up of the community i had contact with some members but lost them
maybe will find new ones

my sis and i started a blog, we are still new, would be cool if you could visit it

thanks guys

Hey guys :)

Long time no post ^^
nothing really happens, finished university, still waiting for my degree, searching for a jibs -.- annoying, boring at home, nothing to do ^^
my sis and I started a blog, check it out if you want :)

Anime fans?

I'm such a big fan of anime/manga, anyone else?
my fav:
black butler, seraph of the end, yuri on ice, tokyo ghoul, noragami, death note

any americans or luxembourgians?

hey guys!

I know long time no posts, pretty busy the last months: but i really need your help

Are there any Americans interested in a study for my and my sister's Bachelor thesis? It is a questionnaire and it will only take 5-10 minutes
I would be very grateful for your participation!
If you are interested, please comment ot message :)

Thanks a lot!!! :D

any anime recommendations?
MCR shirt

watched a movie yesterday and there was a girl waering a mcr shirt :D :D pretty cool!!!

movie was called....Max...think it was calledlike that....its about a dog from the marines

Greys Anatomy season 13


I watched the first two episodes and i like it but what i do not really like is that Alex accused of felony.......yeah he punched deluca to the hospital but accusing him of felony..this might cost his career...well as far as i know while watching those episodes is that alex might not ger fired but has to work in the clinic

Green Day tour!!!!

im so excited for seeing them in cologne :D:D cant wait

anyone else planning seeing them?

oh the US tour is sold out fyi

but theyll add more tour dates..