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lilchula93's blog

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For mommy

I made this for my mom what do you think?


Another drawing I drew I think it's awsome! KILLJOYS what do you think?


Started this last night,power went out so I finished it today. What do you think?

Drew it all night

Hope you like it.


So I started college yesterday,and it feels good! Today was alittle harder on me but it's cool I can take it. I have the best hours in classes I don't have to get up at 6 in the morning! Woohoo! and I have a four day week! this is awsome it don't even feel like school!

Anime costume

I know I'm way early but I need some Ideas on an anime costume to get any anime person I don't care just name some you think I should ware?

Come on KILLJOYS help me please


Just haven some fun!!!!


Something I drew what do you killjoys think I love it!

Sad and sick again

Well thing are not going so well for me right now I feel like I don't have any friends any more. I'v been stuck at home almost the whole summer don't get me worng I got to hang out once or twice bout not with people I would call friends and there is this one friend but I want to be more then friends with him but he needs some time to let go of the past. Now I'm sick I can't sing and I think I have pink eye. this juat sucks all together but I guess it will get better thuogh time. So how is every killjoys out there messege or comment here I'm open to talking to any one.

Draw with me