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lilchula93's blog

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Working on a book

So I'm working on a book I'm writing and It's coming together grate. This is Zoe Faith a vampire with a lot of powers and she will one day save mankind from the evil of the world. There is a lot more but it would take long to type it all tell me what you think of Zoe.

Face Off!

So just waiting to watch Face Off tonight at 10 on SYFY. Do any of you watch it? I love it! I wish I could do what they do. But I'm happy just singing and drawing.

My new artwork.

Killjoys tell me what you think of my art.

Me singing It will rain by Bruno Mars!

New video please tell me what you think.

My new video
My new video

Check it out tell me what you think

Sick of my dad

Okay, I don't even know where to start. I love my dad because he is my dad, but I hate him for what he has done to me and my mom. Since I can remember my mom and dad had problems. It was so bad my dad would beat my mom and I watched just crying not knowing at the time what to do. My brother came into the world but nothing changed. See my brother would have hated my dad to at that time but he couldn't hear or speak, so when bad things were happening he didn't know it.


I'v been in school for two and a half months now and I feel it's not working out for me. So I think I'm going to quit and do something eles. I just got to find what it is,but,anyway How are all of you and I'm trying to do more music videos for Youtube but don't know what to sing I feel like doing something old school. Have any thoughts for me?

Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes
Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes

Okay I need help can someone give me an idea of what color I should get for my eyes I have brown eyes so yeah help please