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lilchula93's blog

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More of my art! I love to draw!!

This is my fav. fantasy animal the dragon I am going to get this as a tattoo for my dad and I drew it lol so tell me what you think?

More of my art!

Killjoys tell me what you think?

Me singing "We found Love" by Rihana!!

Please tell me what you think!

To all the killjoy girls!

So to all my KillJoy girls out there that feel there alone,ugly,will never be notice for who they really are, and feel like you will never find your true love well I'm here to tell you one none of what you feel is true and two life will always get better. Here let me explain for those who feel alone for any reason don't feel that way there is no reason for it.

Dark Shadows

I don't know about you but I love every one of Tim Burton's films and every time him and Johnny Depp get together to do a film. Johnny is to me the best actor of all time I just love him and to finely see him as a vampire is the best thing ever I have dreamed of this day forever!

Enjoy this trailer and tell me what you think!

What inspired me

Just finished seeing Hugo I loved it a lot it inspired me to no matter what follow my dreams never give up and live happy. God bless all good night and keep dreaming.

Going to try and write.

Okay so I told you all I was writing a book right, well I got stuck and stop writing. But I told myself today I need to get on the ball and write some more cause I'm only on page five and I don't feel that's enough so I'm going to push myself. Also I might be getting my second tattoo soon and when I do I'll put a pic up of it. stay safe everyone

Me singing Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic at the disco!

So new video tell me what you think!

Me singing Because of you by Kelly

Tell me what you think

More about the book

So I'm still working on the book it's coming along grate. This is Jordan Page she is Zoe's Best friend Jordan don't know Zoe is a vampire and they live together and work at a tattoo shop that Jordan's dad owns. I am on page five right now and Jordan is taking Zoe to the club will she find out Zoe is a vampire?