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The cast for the movie in Australia!

If your interested please go see the movie you'll love the music!

The sequel to The Phantom Of The Opera!

The sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber's sensationally popular The Phantom of the Opera. It takes place on Coney Island, approximately ten years after the end of Phantom. Madame Giry and her daughter, Meg, helped the Phantom to escape to America after the events of the first show, and from there made it possible for him to open up a lavish amusement park on Coney Island. Then, without telling either of the Girys, he lures Christine — now married to Raoul — to come sing at his park.


So this is the Phantom and Christen as themselves! They are both beautiful actors and people! And their voices are amazing I love them!

Why I Love The Phantom Of The Opera!

So I've always loved The Phantom Of The Opera! I've seen many plays, read the book, and seen the movie! But see I've seen all the past Phantoms and Christine Daaé and never loved them more then now! Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess are the best actors by far to be the Phantom and Christine Daae! I just love Ramin, he gives the Phantom more feeling the same with Sierra, she really looks like she feels what Christine feels. I had the luck to meet them three times at the shows I saw.

I drew this for my Mother In-Law!

So it was my mother in-law's birthday and my boyfriend as a child called her mama duck. I think it is cute! She is his step mother but his real mother was never there for him so she became his mother full time! LOL! So I thought it would be nice to draw here a beautiful Daisy Duck for her birthday. Here are the before and after pics I hope you like them as much as my mother in-law did!

So Killjoys let me know what you think!

New art!!!!

Okay so the first two are snakes just different styles of the same snake this is for my father in-law and the last one is a fairy being looked after by a butterfly that one is for my mom and aunt! SO KILLJOYS TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

Everything is new!

Well it's been a while but Hi Killjoys I missed you! Things are changing in my life and it's all happening so fast! First It's been 7 months I've been having my boyfriend live with me and it's amazing! Yeah we have are ups and downs but I think everything will get better with time! This summer has been amazing my family has done so much we went to SixFlags and redid the back yard! Me and my boyfriend have been together 5 month yay! And his sister gave me a job I will be baby sitting her Two baby boys every week for $100 dollars a week! I love my life god bless all you Killjoys!

Me singing A thousand years by Christina Perri!!!

Please tell me what you think and also give me some songs to try out for next time thank you!

Butterfly Fairy tattoo idea!!!!

This is a butterfly tattoo I drew for my Titi Boobies! lol She says she loved it!


Happy birthday to me!!!!!

Well it's my 19th birthday and I already know this will be the best one ever I feel so amazing!!!