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lilchula93's blog

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At school at this very momment!

In gym at a table with some cool girls eatting cake and watching a movie.I wish every day was like today,this is so cool I get to blog in class and jam to the best band in the world MCR.Love it, and I get soda,man I thoght it was gym oh well the hell with working out I don't need it.LTCI rocks!

Sad and Tired

''she is sad and tired, quite weary, while the rainy day was quite dreary. people ignored her, people hated her, people misunderstood her. oh, how she ever wanted to fly to the rainy sky, as she started to sprout out wings on her back. she went on the highest building, brought out her arms,and she flew away as her wings grew.

Urgency of Love

Preaching a doctrine of illusion, celestial dogma want is power, reap the sweet fruit of believing, to believe in despair and strife in this, our love devoid of pits, soft source of endless illusions in this love for two heroic hearts and a sublime feeling itself.
Erígete as the muse of my emotion, make common sense of nonsense. It comes from my soul the Divine Word that would obliterate the halls of pain. Sweet Falls wasted passion, clavams the standard chest your blessed and glorious love!

Strange Interests

Strange hobby of my life do not miss you more than, of feeling adrift where tie found no heart. Simulate strange hobby hate you, I feel desperate attempt to get away, convicted without the slightest mercy to be the only

Violent delights

These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume.


The sun is shining, But my eyes see no light. I see black, I see people laughing, But all i hear is the screaming. What is wrong with me? All I feel is pain. I see my blood gushing from my wrist. Sitting in my room all alone, I feel crowded, My mind is yelling "Nobody loves me!" Is all I hear all day long, when I sleep I dream of death The blood has covered the floor, I feel light headed The pain rushes through my body like lighting hitting th ground.


Death is in the flower's heart – don't Ever cry for life of any petal; and so is

Death in purple ink of weary pens: the Written yearnings on her scented paper;

Death is laughing in her cry: the Beating heart disclosing from a sleeve.

Death ignores the plight of any purity – He Doesn't care or seem to be aware

Of what her dewy eye desires, for Death beckoned: 'Embrace the jar! '

And yes, she did – for Death of course. No other man would open up her hand

And bid her with a kiss, so Death became her bliss. WHIT LOVE LILCHULA93

What is love?
What is love?,is it the feeling u get of having butterflys in your stomach when u see that cut guy in school?,or is it when that right person comes along and u already know he's the one?I will never now what love is.To me love sucks and thats how it is.Until I find the right one for me I will always think love sucks.Cause as a teen girl all these boys want is to get in your pants and god forbid u get pregnant he's the one that leves u to raise the baby alone.It's like all boys want at this age is sex.Almost all the kids in my school have had sex and 90% of the girls got pregnant and the boy
The magic of music and art!
It sucks being a teen with so many problems that u can't control.It's like you are going crazy,and the world dosen't understand u,u feel alone.At these times I feel this way it's good I have music and art in my life.Art lets me express myself in so many ways.It's like I'm writing a story in my art,it keeps me relax.I feel free to do whatever I want when I draw.Now music is so much more,it's my life.Without music I think I would be lost in this world.When I sing I feel at one with the world,it's like flying for me.I feel like I'm in hevan,thats why I sing on Youtube it's like a drug,I am