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At school right now!

At school at gym just eatting it's so cool I love it!

This is lust of the 7 deadly sins

This is lust of the 7 deadly sins

These are the other 3 of the 7 deadly sins Wrath,Gluttony,Avarice

These are the other 4 of the 7 deadly sins Wrath,Gluttony,Avarice,or Lust

Witch one of the 7 deadly sins are u?

Witch one of the 7 deadly sins are u? Wrath,Gluttony,Avarice,or Lust


One day earlier, when the effort was adorned with impatience, The Muse played along the river, Until a secluded and quiet. Fast and flowing sound The changing surface distorted To her lovely figure fleeing, Then the Goddess left the anger. However, the stream called laughing:: Do not see the truth so clear in my mirror? But she ran away, near the ocean; In his figure the joy was praising, Garland adorning his due.

Me singing Cancer by My chemical romance!

Hope u like it!

Me singing Paparazzi by Lady GaGa!

Hope u like it!

True story!

I'm jus a gurl
a gurl who never knew
never knew wat it was like
wat is waz like 2 hav a dad!
When i waz born he waz glad,
but then all he waz
waz alwayz mad
then he left
and that was that
and even tho 1 day a week
he comes back
I can't call him dad
he doesn't want 2 b my dad
that makes me sad...
but then sumthin happened
An angel bought me a gift
a gift of sum 1 special
sum 1 that shows me
shows me wat it zs
wat it iz 2 have a dad
a dad who cares
a dad who is there
a dad that calls me princess
and who wipes my tears
when I'm a mess
even tho he aint my blood
even tho he aint in my home

In school at this momment!

In gym right now at LTCI talking about stress and about drugs and weed and how it somtimes helps u with stress.Well I've never done drugs but what is your thought on drugs and if it helps with stress or dose it mask it away somwhere?

Living life and loven it!

Wow! everything in my life is going so well.I'm happy all the time and it's all to my mom,brother,boyfriend,and uncle.I'm singing more on YouTube and drawing more,thats right I havent shown u all my drawings soon I'll poste them up for u to see.More videos on the way,and I need every ones prayers cause I have lost my chihuahua Romeo and I miss him so much he ran away.