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Me singing Constant Angel by Ramin Karimloo

Me singing Constant Angel by Ramin Karimloo! I dedicate this song to Sandy Hook Elementary my prayers go out to the familys that were affected.

My baby's play fighting!

They are so funny sometimes!

Me singing Diamonds by Rihanna!

Tell me what you think!?

Me singing Castle on a cloud from Les Miserables

Tell me what you think!?

Me singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables!

Tell me what you think?

Is anyone having YouTube problems?

I'm trying to blog a video and its not letting me dose anyone know what I can do so I can blog my videos?

Just feeling sad! :(

So, hey everyone it's been a while since I wrote to you but here it gos. A lot has changed this pass year. Lets start with why I'm sad, I was in a five year relationship that was a lie! Now what that means is the love wasn't real and what ever we had faded away. We had ower fights but I thought we could have worked them out but no! He wants to not come home one day and the next day say I'm moving out. So he did but we were still together. So he promised me he would talk,text,and see me every day and I believed him. It never came he only cared about himself he never cared for me.

KILLJOYS tell me what you think!?

Me singing Reflection from the movie Mulan!

KILLJOYS tell me what you think!?

Me singing Once Upon A December from the movie Anastasia!

It's been a long time since I put up a video!
KILLJOYS! Tell me what you think!