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Daylight has finally reached it's end as evenfall strikes into the sky far away in the dark glimpsing moonlight sickening souls cry out in pain Whispering voices summoning screams waiting for satan to bless their sins


Rage saturates my inside as my dreams turn to dust Trust doesn't live there ...creeps in my head Oh, I wish you were dead And never, and never hurt me Victimize ,Patronize Words can't be spoken to erase Shed my skin To begin ..Forever

you and me

the look in your eyes is so undeniable everytime we touch i get weak. when we are together nothing else seems to matter, it's just me and you and you and me

When I see you cross

When I see you cross, O my beloved indolent Walking the boredom in your eyes deep Suspending your pace so smooth and slow While the music plays that is lost in the roofs.When I look in the reflection of light that caresses your forehead crowned with a morbid attraction; where the sun's last light bring the dawn, and, like a painting, your eyes fascinating.


I love this game!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to every one hope your new years is good have a good time!

This is my new dog a Shiba inu!

Isn't she cute I love her,her name is Shy!

Me singing If I ain't got u by Alicia Keys!

Hope u like it haven't made a video in a long time!

More Gir!

More Gir!

I love Gir!

I love Gir!