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The garden

The garden, beside me; He is shy, I discreetly; Save the night the secret; No one has listened. What is missing to the mine? That night was eternal. Is it true, Nise sorceress? Cursed be the light of day!

Do not sleep who have love, If you enjoy his consolations; If you give up, take jealousy, What are good alarm clock. "My good, I have here Prostrate at your beautiful feet ... How I adore you! ... See? Am I reciprocated? "Yes.

What is that?

What is that which comes from the west sweeping everything? And who are those who walk firm and lost? We bring the message that the rich have sent Folding down those sentenced to wake up and know. Not one, not even one or a thousand must die, But if every cloud the day.


I need serenity...In a place where I can hide...I need serenity...nothing changes, days go by. Where do we go and we just don't know and how do we relight the flame when it's cold? Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing and when will we learn to control...

Mariley singing "Because I love you" by Stevie b!

Hope u like it!


Then you will be easy prey for the dark lord! The idiot who proudly show their feelings, they can not control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to easily manipulate the weak in a word, they are hard against him power!


I love this video it's so funny!

Life,what is it but a dream?

Still she haunts me,phantomwise,Alice moving under skies.Never seen by waking eyes.In a wonderland they lie,Dreaming as the summers die.Life,what is it but a dream?

Strange Power

Strange Power, who you are I do not know, Murderer or girl of my faith. I just know I prefer the punishment The most implacable enemy, Live-and now alive Mutilated twenty times a day for you.

However, when you submit yourself to achieve, The ridiculous is a vain pretext, Whispered in my ear a song Long time beloved, now far from the reason; And on my brow I feel the kiss That would make me want to die before losing.

Alice in wounderland!

I can't wait for this movie to come out this friday i'm so happy!

The door

I walked a lot in the snow, I'm high and my heart strong. My clothes are wet, And my teeth are in agony, The road has been long For the painful path crisp. I wandered over the lush earth, But I've never been here before. Oh, Raise me on the Threshold And let me at the door!

The edge of the wind is a cruel enemy, I dare not stand in the storm. My hands are stone, And my voice laments. Worst of death has passed, But I'm still a little lady. My tender feet were wounded; And white bleeding wounds. Oh, Raise me on the Threshold And let me at the door!