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Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers out there Happy Mother's day to u!


As I talked and I watched, stopped in the middle time instant: love my name and I obeyed. As I whispered and I loved you, took up the feelings, sent your voice the sky became visible in your eyes, and I delivered the love on your lips. It was a look, a frenzy of kisses, a lust for feelings. It was an instant endless no time to dream. And then wake up, ... and still loving.

Men and Women

The guard looked down in the middle of the night: On the tombs that lie scattered there, With its moon silver light filled the space, And the church as the day seemed to shine, Then he saw, first a grave, then another opening; And men and women were seen to move forward Draped in pale and snowy shrouds.

The shadows

Now I walk in the dark, the shadows of a dead infernal site.

The light of my being is extinguished, be filled with fog and black then be extinguished.

My blood has been shed non-stop with my tears dead and never have to sprout.

I tried everything and at the end the tender charm of your voice I wanted to hear ...


I want to sleep forever and never again wake anymore. If you could live my life 'd see the difference they have made in me. But I'm going to a place where they found me. I wish you were me in this damn place, and you looked me here since there is nothing to see, here is quiet and beautiful, no more war or disease, the world is not like where he used to live. What the hell are you looking for the people. I want to be alone.

The body

Crossing deserts and mountains, away in the Land of Pain during morning, day and night, or perhaps for months and years; torn his heart beating, thirsty and overwhelmed the body, certainly will get to your destination, in The Fountain of Tears.

Happy Birthday Gerard!

Happy Birthday Gee Hope it's a good one I will give this day to u and the band.As I do for all my familys birthday.So that means all I'll do today will be stuf that has to do with MCR like all my computers will have wallpaper of Gee or of the band.I will only lisen to your music all day so hears to u Gee have a good one love u god bless u and your family and the band I wish u all the best!

With love from Mariley a.k.a Lilchula93

Me singing walking on air by Kerli ft. my cousin Gigi!

Me singing walking on air by Kerli ft. my cousin Gigi!


Thin are the skirts that night left behind, Before day break the sky with crackling. Delgados are the shreds of sleep, Swaying in the wind tired spirit; But amid this restless sleep Which tears the fabric of forgetting and remembering, My soul is pulled towards yours, Closer.

Our lives never coalesce; Our thoughts never alienate, That which your heart clings to mine, Seems to dissolve in a dark shine. Tonight, Love has a full control And with desire and with regret, My soul is pulled to yours.


Master of the Courts sighing Where forms of sleep conjure! Listen! My spirit calls All the powers of your manor In aid of my lady. What do you say, blind and proud Lord of the Courts Invisibles?

Vaporous, incomprehensible, Dream Lands lying in debris of light, Shell empty as air. In my fantasies I may Choose a dream and guide its flight! I know What you should tell your dreams tonight.