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Dan Sperry!

I love this man not as much as Gee lol enjoy comment!


School is done going to do somthing don't know what yet but when I find out what to do I'll do it wow lol I'm borad. Enjoy the pics!

Sweet sound

When you enter the dark shadow lost a voice whispers its sad disturbing calm if in the depths of my soul I hear sweet sound,

Tell me, is that the wind in their turns complains, or that your sighs I speak of love to go?

When the sun in my window morning shines red and my love your shadow evokes if in my mouth another mouth I feel the impression.

The grace

Why should I complain after winning? For the grace of his spirit vestal Encourages me to pursue it tirelessly, And, like a ghost, eludes my arms; So intense is his masculinity to be seen It's like kissing the hand of a King Caricia not conform any familiarity; It just marks the height The latter can claim negligence, Just as the humble men harass Grace mistaken for recklessness; Then the favors fed with warm The loyalty of a great love Ever there presumption differs The event or word. comment

Alice in Wonderland: Creating the "Futterwacken" Dance

WOW! comment!

It's my B-Day today!

It's my B-Day I'm having so much fun I'm loving it I'm 17!


When you see millions of the dead without a mouth Across your dreams in pale battalions Do not utter words soft as other men, Well, no need to. No gifts will praise how the deaf can learn That are not curses which accumulate in their heads? Nor tears, her blind eyes can not see your tears. Neither honor, it is easy to be dead. Just say this: They are dead, and then adds: Many best have died before. He sees how many tight And perceive a face that you once loved. A spectrum. No one saw her face dropped. The Big Death has snatched the long. ps it's just a poem.


Oh, too late for love, late for joy, Late, too late! You have wandered on the road for a long time You hesitated at the door: The enchanted dove on the branch He died without a partner; The enchanted princess in her tower He slept behind bars; His heart shrank weighing While you forced her to wait.


I have marked this day in the depths of my heart as the sweetest of days; "Separated from the rest of my sad hours I will not say why, for now because that is my secret, I must say; however, the skies are soft and tender, and never before, I know very well, Earth was filled with such splendor.

Me singing Try sleeping with a broken heart by Alicia Keys!

I really hope u like it comment please!