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In your dreams roofed room, make waste flowers and lights in spirit, my soul driveway dressed in silence and calm, you go to the darkest path tonight.

Turn off the spark plugs to see beautiful things; close all doors to enter the illusion; the mystery begins a handful of stars And Bloom as a triumphant glass your heart.

And wait smiling and crying wait! ... when my soul, thinking maybe pray that heaven is poured gently on your chest ...

For him, divine love, have a quiet couch or mystic lily is his weapon, my soul Off one by one the roses in your bed!


Listen! From the battlements of the distant towers The solemn bell has beaten at midnight! Carried away by visions of restless sleep, Broderick Poor awake, and laments alone.

Cease, Memory, cease (without friends and distressed cries) To redress these severe chest overwhelmed with evidence. Oh, my soul never ceases to wander pensive In the bright fields of Fortune, in better days When the hope was young, and the music of the mind He praised all her charms, and Errington was nice.


I loved it it was good!

The best quotes said by Gee!

“Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive.”- Gerard Way This is my favorite quote said by the Gee man and I live by It all The way. It has help me with all the shit in my life. My question To u is what is your favorite quote and has it it done anything for your life?

Broken heart!

Well this sucks my heart is broken and I don't know why. I mean well he didn't even give me a real reason. He just said he was done after two years of love and fun times it ends just with the words I'm sorry I can't anymore. My heart is on fire I cry every day I never sleep. This is really fucking with my head.

With eyes open

i hope, with eyes open; I covered half of the earthy desert Behind it hides my steps Many vanity and some remorse; I have lived to feel the pride of spirits Anchored to one another as the hand glove I flushed the castle of love I never disbelieved him, yet my heart Never refused to love, the only mortal thing Whose value is eternal, immortal; I never had in mind the errors, Sing wastes terrors Unworthy of a serious song; And love is my reward. Poem.

White canoe

In my white canoe, like the silvery air On the River of Death goes dark, When the moons of the world are circular, I rowed back from the Campo de las Almas. And when the wishes of the low marsh was distressing, Come the dark feathers of the Singing Leaves.

Two hundred times the moons of spring Azure breath rolled over the bay, Decorated with eagle's wings, Painting my face with the ink of death, And the cane broke over my dead body The solemn blue rings, the last smoke. Poem.

The path

Today they have returned. For all the paths of the night have been to mourn in my bed. So many, so many! I do not know what they live, I do not know what is dead. I cry myself to mourn all. The night baby crying as a black scarf. There are golden heads in the sun like ripe ... There are heads touched by shadow and mystery, a thorn-crowned head invisible, blush rose heads of dreaming heads bent to cushion abyss heads who would rest in heaven, some that fail to smell spring and many that go beyond the flowers of winter. All those heads ache and sores ... I hurt or dead.

Me singing Famouse Last Words by My Chemical Romance!

I Hope u like it and I entered this into the contest please comment!

Another Dan Sperry video!

I know I put one up yesterday but I'm bored and this video is one of my favorites! enjoy comment.