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Silence and Tears

When we parted In silence and tears, With a broken heart, Turning away for years Your cheek turned pale and cold Colder your kisses; And is it true that hour foretold The pain of this.

The morning dew Sank cold on my brow, It felt like the prelude From what I feel today. Your votes were broken, And light is thy fame: I hear them say your name And I share their shame.

I named in my presence, Mournful voices in my ears; A shudder in my way: Why so much I loved you? They do not know that I met you Those who know you too well: Long, long time you have to repent, Deep thoughts you never tell.


Say, oh dead, who will put one days So the sea lying sound? "Whoever understood the dead Grew stale and the song of birds And I have become very close to the waves Because they feel the blue sea, grunt Growl scary?

I you are by the sea that will not be silenced Very quietly, with the dead ear Hearing how a growing tide And the sea that moves at your side, It is the broken promise of a Resurrection.

Happy Tree Friends Fallout Boy


!I feel sometimes

!I feel sometimes that my blood in torrents escapes me, in tears, as a source. I hear her cry perfectly painful but in vain I touch to find the wound.

Run like watering a field, and the pavement becomes curious islets, quenching the thirst that is in every creature and bathes the pale red Natura.

They also often have I asked wine for a day to appease my terror. But wine becomes clearer looking and hearing finest!

Nor forgetting the love I found: has been for me a bed of pins, made to quench the thirst of men


Why I regret after conquering it? For the grace of his spirit vestal Encourages me to pursue it tirelessly, And she, like a ghost, eludes my arms; So intense is her femininity to view it It's like kissing the hand of a Queen Caricia not conform any familiarity; It just marks the height The latter can claim negligence, As humble harass ladies Grace mistaken for recklessness; Then she favors warm feeds The loyalty of a great love Ever there presumption differs In the act or speech!

If you love me

If you love me it's just for the love of my love. Never say which is why my looks, my smile, melody of my voice or my sweet character

that agrees with you or that day made us feel happy ... Because, my love, all these things may change, and even love dies.

I do not want either by tears that mercifully clean my face ... Because I can forget mourn

thank you, and lose your love! For the love of my love like you love me to dwell in heaven forever.

Jackass 3 Official Trailer (2010) [HD]

I am the bigest Jackass fan ever and to know they mad a new movie and it's coming out this year this is going to be hot!

Who are you?

What famous person do you like and you think you look like and why? I don't know what famous person I look like how do u think I look like.And juat saying I'm a girl so no men. Oh and it dosen't have to be the three pic I put up.


From childhood to youth, from youth to manhood the hard; From lethargy to fever of the heart; From faithful life to dream of dark and lost days; From trust to doubt, from doubt to brink of ban; These changes have happened as a cyclic burst Until now. O Soul! How fast should OK its original immortality Does the reincarnated flesh dust where it began?

O Lord of work and peace! Lord of life! Oh, Lord, Lord will horrible!

Me singing Impossible by Shontelle!

Hope u like it comment!