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Feeling silly!

I'v been feeling really happy and silly and I don't know why lol. I love the art that people drew for Japan, it's awsome. I believe I'm silly because I am with the best boyfriend ever I stratend his hair yesterday and it came out good. I'm so happy for everything thats happening in my life, no drama and I can sleep at night witch is good. I wish the best for eveyone else!

Simply happy!

Life is getting so much better you would not believe it. I might be getting a job soon that will be fun,and my dad got me my class ring already and I love it. My house is looking good the more we work on it, the only problem there is one of my ex bfs lives in my house and My whole family and I want him out, he is to much work. School will soon be done for me I'm so happy for that, then comes my birthday and prom. Going to see my bf today I love him so much, I have to cook dinner today but it's cool I like it. There is a lot comen for me and it's all good things I can't wait.

No more drama Just better days!

So this month has been really crazy but something good came out of it. First the whole thing with my family not liking the boy I was dating is over, I'm so happy. But my eyes were open to something that I never thought would happen,an old ex of mine stole my heart. See what had happend was we were hanging out as friends and while we were talking he stoped me with a kiss. I don't really how it happend but it did and this might sound girly but when I opened my eyes to see him he looked like an angel.

My life is killing me.

It's been ... wow I can't even remember how long it's been since my family has told me not to see my bf kris. My family dosen't like him but they don't have a reason for it. they don't even know him they never tride to get to know him. My family thinks we had sex but what they don't know is that we are vergins and don't want to do that till we are ready. I'm 17 about to be 18 in may and my family mad this a big thing agenst him. They even called him to see what was going on between me and him. But of corse he said nothing witch is true but we don' t want it to be.

Sick! and life sucks!

I'm sick as a dog and my mom made me go to school.She is mad at me cause I like a boy that she dosen't like for no reason at all.I can't wait for my birthday I'll be 18 lets see what happens then.I will mack a better life for me when I'm out of this house.I won't have to hear her tell me anything about who I date.I love my mom but she is a pain to live with I wish it didn't have to be this way.

A new start

Well my mom had to talk to me about this boy that im seeing.She dosen't like him but she dosen't have a reason for not liking him.So we had this big talk and I asked her to give me and him a chance.I told her this is the last time i would ask her for a new start and she has been thinking about it this whole week. I hope she gives me this chance.

If you had this problem what would you think your mom would do or say?

Also what would you do?

Better day

Today is a better day cause last night my mom came home from the hospitle. So I feel alittle better but I had ask to go hang out with this boy she hates for no reason and she said she needed to talk to me about it so I didn't go see him. I hope it's nothing bad I don't want to lose this guy he is different then other boys I liked.All in all im okay today she might talk to me today about it cause she didn't yesterday but it's cool.

What would you do if you liked some one you mom or dad didn't like and they told you they needed to talk to you about it?

Bad Day

Today is not my day I feel so sick.I was in cooking class and I trow up my cookies,it was not fun.Also my mom is in the hospitle and they wont tell her what she has.My brother and I have been home alone for three days.I just want to go home and relax in my room and maybe just go to sleep.

So has anyone had a bad day that was so bad you just wished it would end before it even begun?

Panic! At The Disco: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa

Love this song!

The weekend!

What is every one doing this weekend?