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Gerard Way

When I feel sad all I have to do is play some MCR and look at this pic. He is so cute!

Today's the last day!

Today is my last day of school! This is awsome I don't even know what i'm going to do now! Today is the best and it's only going to get better!

End of school!

Well as I said I had a prom it was awsome! I wish it didn't have to end, this is my last week of school and it's awsome to know I will be out of high school and going to college! Wish me luck in life!

What would you do for your last year of school and why?

KILLJOYS make some noise!

Geting ready for prom!

Well I can't wait for my prom it's going to be awsome. Today I'm geting my nails and eyebrows done and geting some stuff for the dress! this is so cool I feel so awsome!

Today is the best day ever!

Well today is my birthday and It's the best one yet! But I don't know what I'm going to do today lol. I know I have to go see my boyfriend and give him one of the cupcakes I made. See yesterday I was getting ready for today and my boyfriends mom called me from the ER saying my boyfriend fell and blacked out and was calling my name. So I went to the ER and all the nurses knew who I was and why I was there. Anyway getting to the point someone put something in his drink and he was druged. But now everything is okay and he is home sleeping waiting for me. It feels good to be 18!

I will forever be

My birthday!

Hey KILLJOYS whats up! my birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait to trun 18! This is awsome what would you do or want for your birthday?



What's up KILLJOYS! what's everyone doing this weekend? I'm going to bowl with my boyfriend and go see the new pireat movie sorry if I didnt spell it right!

KILLJOYS Make Some Noise!


Don't you hate it when you keep to yourself and people have to be mean and start rumors or other stuff about you? I hate that, why can't they get a life and stop messing with yours! People like that are just mad they don't have your life so all they want to do is make your life as bad as theirs. But I'm strong so anything they do to try and mess my life up will not work, because I love my life. I love the way I look and I have the worlds best boyfriend, so nothing is going to put me down. So to all you haters you can kiss it cause we are all wounderful and will stand up agents you.


I had the best dream and weekend ever!

So this weekend was awsome! My mom and dad let my bf stay the whole weekend! I thought it would feel wired but it was so cool. Every one in my family loves him and he wants to do it again this weekend comen up. The thing with that is IDK what my mom and dad will say this time. We'll see when he ask. On to my dream last night it was awsome too lol! I slept with the pilo my bf slept on and the smell of him made me dream all night about him it was like a twilight thing I loved it! Everything is wonderful!

Every one have an awsome week!

The start of a new life!

Time is up! Now is the time to grow up and make a new life for myself. I will be out of high school on May, 25 also the day of my birthday that's awsome. After that there is prom witch is going to be wounderful cause I will have my family and the love of my life with me! Then onto my birthday party, all my family and friends will be there I can't wait! And after all of that who knows what things will happen for me. I now know life is going to get better from here I love this part of my life. I have my dream boyfriend and I'm never given that up.