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lilchula93's blog

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No video today

Well didn't make a video today cause it was family time but hope for one on monday! ;)

kanon×kanon - Calendula Requiem


Kanon Wakeshima- the castle of sand


Kanon Wakeshima-Lolitawork Libretto ~Storytelling by solita~

It's cute!

Kanon Wakeshima-Still Doll

I love her and her songs they are awsome!

Me singing Just The Way You Are!

Hope you like it!

New video

Hope you like my new video!

some of my art

Hope you like!


I'm so bored I'v been bored all day can someone talk to me or right something funny please


Life has been crazy for me and still is but not as much. I have been dumped a lot but not as bad as my last one. I'm still not over it but today I woke up feeling Things need to change and I have to do it. So I have to first change my attitued cause it's always wrong then see how life is from there. Change is not bad some times you need it like me to better your life or you as a person.