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Party like it's the end of the world

I'm a total skeptic of the whole "world ending" thing, but you never know until it happens I guess. It's a lot to think about, like how's the world gonna end? Is the earth's core gonna explode or something inside earth gonna do something? Something cosmic like falling into a blackhole? I'm not really sure. I think that everything is going to be alright tomorrow. I'll suffer my last day of school before break, then on Tuesday I'll have a merry Christmas with my family. So party like it's the end of the world killjoys! Happy holidays to all you:]

Slipping away

Whats happening? All my friends used to love mcr thats all we would ever talk about, but lately its been different. Every christmas I've wanted mcr posters, mcr cds, mcr everything. This year I dont really know what I want. I was kinda disappointed with the new the world is ugly, the live one was so passionate and this one just wasnt. I loved the light behind your eyes thats my new favorite song. And what happened to the mcrmy? I remember when it was like being with family when I read the posts. Now its like we're a bunch of strangers. I don't know.

Who keeps leaking songs?

Serously whats up with that? Why can't you all wait a couple days until its released? And for all of you that have listened to the leaked songs, shame on you. I understand your excited so am I but you didnt have to listen to them. Have you seen the posts that say where to find the songs? No you haven't because mcr blocked and said that you shouldn't listen to the leaked songs and you should wait until theyre released. So if you truly love and respect this band don't leak the songs, dont post about leaked songs, and don't listen to them.


1] Do you drink?
Not that often.
2] Smoke?
Never have, never will
3] Are you a girly girl?
Nope I'm more tomboy/goth
4] Short or Tall?
Not that short and not extremely tall either
5] Have you ever been out of the country?
Yea twice to be exact
6] Do you have a talent?
Piano, guitar, and a little bit of singing
7] What's your favorite band?
My Chemical Romance, Green Day, any other classic rock bands
8] Do you have a crush on someone?
Yea. . .
9] Are you popular?
No I never want to be either
10] What's your favorite sport?
11] Who is your role model?
Gerard Way
12] Have you ever met a

Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!!!

In 1 day it will be Thanksgiving Break!! I'm soo excited I seriously need a break from my school. My teachers are nice but there are some really dumbass people. Anyway next Friday the next two Conventional Weapons songs come out AMBULANCE and Gun. They'll probably be even better than the first two songs. Who else is excited?

Welcome to my life

Every day at school I'm alone barely anyone[if anyone] will talk to me. In four period my more or less neighbor talks to me. Let me tell you that girl is obsessed with guys. Every day "no one likes me!" "I want a boyfriend so bad!!!!!" I wish she would shut up already! She's nice and everything but way too obsessesd. Today she was talking to me about how no one had talked to her all day."Welcome to my life" I added." Don't be such a liar i know people talk to you" she said." No, no one ever talks to me." " Well I've decided to go emo" she interupted.