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Summary of 9 months :3

Ok, wrote not long ago but it was killing me in graduate school for e.e So to revive my blog xD Well what happened in these 9 months without writing, summarizing:
  After my sister escaped from home, my parents found her but she would not regrasar, then I was like an only child, my parents were very sad and I like (say, lose the closeness of your sister really hurts :/) October was assimilating that my sister was not with me and I must say, my parents over-consented xD Then in November she returns home (I can imagine, cry too TUT) December: This month was something heavy because my aunt

I Miss You u_u

Today I want to share a little letter I wrote to my sister, she ran away from home and really miss her too u_u.

My sister ... He never told you how much I appreciate, but you knew my worth much to you because you were born that you asked, because you were the one I care for a long time in the primary, which gave me advice when entering high school and projects that helped me in school, now you're gone, but you said you'd come back here so we are expecting dad, mom and me with open arms for your return, you said you were going to spread your wings and fly, but you know?

D-E-M-O-N-I-O-S!! XD

Haha time without writing here, god ... that love is difficult ... Why do I say?? Well, everything has happened to me lately and I've been too sensitive (crying yesterday as ever had, and I thought I a strong person, but I discovered that I am a weepy sentimental), there are days where I really wanted that my life was just a bad dream, but not everything can come true, ahh and takes less than 1 month to fulfill a promise, whatever happens I will, I hate to leave my things undone and my broken promises.

Japan needs us! please read!

I'm a fan of Japanese culture and anime, so I could not put this off. That unfortunately the Japanese who is living at the time, according to this there are about 1000 dead so far but that provides for more, we can not sit idly, now MCR fans tell us to help Japan in this time of tragedy, we must gather food and water to meet the survivors, more than anything they need our support in these difficult times. Please bring nonperishable food to the embassy so they can be taken directly to Japan, so that the people of the rising sun can feel their generosity and help lift together



Hello, today I decided to vent and write everything I feel now.
Beginning then ...
I hurt someone very important to me and I can not even forgive myself, I always feel guilty about that, there are times when you would never have existed so I do not know and would not have made them suffer, I'm crying, I love that person as not imagine, but sometimes I feel that I deserve it, that was just lucky to have him with me (Good luck in the good sense to have someone as wonderful as my side.) I honestly do not want that person to leave my side, but if that person decides to go another way it accepts

Firefox theme!!, nothing to do ...

Ok, I'm going to like this to post things xddd
Catch my firefox theme, ohh god was into Facebook xD

Lii xD

Opening my blog with a post something stupid * No ideas and sleepy xD *
I want to present my wall! The only part that I have decorated my room * Thank you mom * Ahi cuts I have My Chemical Romance, anime, etc xD
Second Image: My treasures! Tut's I have since I had the opportunity to acquire. The one I got The Black Parade 2 weeks after its launch in Mexico and the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge one year later to buy it: l, is that the discs are for listening but rarely wear them to avoid scratching, I'm missing 2 disks, so I have a request and the other I bought on iTunes (H)
Hmm what else I