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My boredom causes creativity!! #2

I did the last pencil drawing today, and i did the others last week. :D

My boredom causes creativity!! #1

I did these a few weeks ago. hope u like them. :D

my school doodle

i did this all through school when i was suppose to be doing work haha oh well. :P but yah feel free to tell me what yah think even if itz like "that doesn't look all that great" or "itz lop sided"haha thx :D

the rythm of a singer

Every morning it's the same thing. He gets up and hits his head on the bunk above his own and groans as he rubs the slowly-forming bump on his head. He stumbles to the coffee machine at the front of the bus. He tries to remember what had happened last night. Rubbing the newly formed bruse on his head, he pours himselfa freash cup of coffee. His black, greasy- wire like hair falls into his face as he takes a sip of coffee. He wonders what time his next show is and does he have enough pills to ease the heart ache from the roar of the crowd.


do you ever find that when ever your really really freaking tired that when people are talking to you that all you hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! well if not then that could be a good thing or not. That happened to me it was really werid becuz i'm thinking, no way this is happening it's like a cartoon it was werid and i little creepy. Anyways i was talking to my brother so it probably wasn't important. tee hee i'm really BORED right now.


Okay so this is my first blog EVER so don't judge.
At first the only reason i even joined this website is becuz i wanted to see what these musicians were up to. i don't know about other people but i made feel like i am a part of something good. But resently been feeling upset looking at this site becuz it makes me realize just how far i have to o to get were i want or need to be. All the things i'll have to go through, the pain, suffering of life and the utter randomness that happens. but apprently it's all worth it.