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Heey guys. i know i haven't out anything up in a while but i just got a new sketch book and well i drew all over it as you can tell by the kingdom hearts drawing i did on the cover. haha anyways i've been drawing some pretty kewl stuff lately and i just had to share. So let me know if these are any good :p thanks.

Rockabilly Babe

I haven't drawn anything in a long time but i worked on new stuff and this just one. I have been looking into becoming a tattoo artist so i wanted some advice if this is a good idea or not. haha hope u like it.


Hey guys
so i went to a tattoo convention and was inspired to do this to my hand so i wanted to know if t sucked or not.


Here are the rest of them enjoy :P


Hey Guys,
these are some new arti drew. The ones with the red background is done on my Math binder hehe thats the most resent ones. The other ones are much older. I drew those ones when i was 12 or 11. Enjoy and any feed back would be nice if itz not good or something thankz guys.

family in japan!

i couldn't beleive it when i heard the news that japan was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami all i could think was where it ht so i'm asking you guys were did it hit i need to know if my family is okay or not.

Thank you.

CHARACTERS!!! by me :D

i got bored today and felt like being creative so this is what i came up with what do guys think?

Inspire By MCR!!! is now completed :D

heey guys, i finally finished this drawing. i hope you guys like it btw i don't know if you can see it but on the side of her gun it says " GIRL POWER" haha thought it would be cute. This is for all you girls out there.. Your awesome no matter how out of place u feel.You'll always have a place at
Love with no regrets and live no excuses! :D

Inspired By MCR!!!

Hey made a new drawing and it inspired by the Killjoys but itz not really finished. I haven't drawn the lazer gun yet. Also i don't know if you can tell ( becuz my camera is crap,) she has a piercing on her lip. I think itz called a medusa. Anyways tell me what yah think so far. :) don't hold back if you think it sux i will not hold it aginst you :P

bordom meet creativity!!!

i was bored so i painted this it all done with a paint brush. feel free to tell me if it sux or not.