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All Ends With Carnage.

Well hello again friends, its been a while, quite a while in fact, almost a year. Open up the shades let the sun on my face
The apocalypse is over its time to save place
Life gets in the way but coming and going I'm here to stay.
Thanks to music of Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray.
The troubles of ours soon fade to none
Do not dwell for soon they'll be gone
As I once was but now I'm back
From the barren wasteland and I'm here to ATTACK!
- SmilingCyanide

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Step Right Up- Its Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! what are you doing?,

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So I said I'd show you all what I look like so here it is... The top photo is well its the way I do my make up.. kinda.. Gothic Vampire-esk... But although I'm goth and apparently that lifestyle is based on the darkness of everything my look is based on the look of my eyes... ..
The 2nd photo is just me on my live show in my ex-best friends dino hoodie..,. I love that hoodie.. to bad the person who owns it isn't so great..
The 3rd photo is my Facebook profile photo because its my most recent photo.. and I put a quote from The Umbrella Academy over it.. my favourite quote too... so yeah..
My name is SmilingCyanide.
I am here to make some NOISE, cause some TROUBLE and blow this MOTHER FUCKER up!!!!!!!!

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Bit Of Art For Some Vampire Money

No I'm not selling them.. I just wanna show people... I love The Umbrella Academy so I've done a few clones... NO I DIDN'T TRACE

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Welcome To The Family (Or Army)

So after the response of my last "blog" (I have no idea why I put quotation marks)
I thought..."uh..maybe write another or something..DUH!"..
So here I am, writing another one and completely rambling about well.. to put it lightly, absolute shite.
Now to get back on track, I've found a KIlljoy name... Nope, not the right one...
Alter -Killjoy-Ego .? Yes?, No.. Definitely NOT. Anywaaayyy... Gerard and Mikey Way... I have one! I'm gonna try a weird thing.. based on the number of comments I get.. I'l reveal my name SURPRISE!!! Ha.. yeah so that's what it is..
Blogging today definitely helps today because I've lost my voice, I have tonsilitis! GGGRRRR!!!
(and the reason I'm called Leto is because of this obsession with Jared Leto.. I've drawn him, written about him and I know all the words lol)

Next blog soon, I'l tell you the name and show you what I look like! How exciting! haha not

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So this is my first "blog" on this awesome site... And to be totally honest I don't know why I didn't join sooner, I started listening to MCR when Welcome To The Black Parade came out, I've not stopped listening to them since and doubt I will.
I listened to some older songs and loved them so here I am so many years later, listening to the sound of Romance change in an amazing way.
My name is Danii, but people call me Leto. (I'l explain that on my next blog)