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Normally, I write stuff in a locked tumblr blog so nobody reads it and that's ok. I don't know exactly the reason why I decided to write here today... it's probably because when I post my stuff here, it is public and nobody reads the same way, but if someday and for some reason someone decides to search my username on Google, this person is going to find this blog and that would be kind of cool.
I don't know.


I was feeling incredibly bored and then I remembered of this blog and decided to write something.
Things changed a lot this year. I finished high school, "decided" what I am going to do with my life (between quotation marks because I just decided what course I am going to do at the college and that's not deciding my entire life) and worked hardly in my graduation project. I almost fell in love (yes), got a new iPod Touch from my father and talked on the fone with my best and only virtual friend.

Bá e Moon

Read the cover of The Umbrella Academy. See the name "Gabriel Bá" there? Well, I met him. He and his twin brother, Fábio Moon. I met them with my twin sister.
See that red jacket in the chair in the first picture? Yes, it's the kobra kid jacket.
I met them in the Daytripper release. It was in September 28, I think. Have you ever heard about Daytripper? It's an amazing comic. You should read it.
Bá and Moon are so cool.


HELLOOOO! Long time since we last met. Me and you, blank box.
I'm gonna write in English this time because this saturday is my final test in the English classes of this semester and I have to practice a little. There'll be a writing task. One more year and a half, perhaps an international trip ald I'll finally be able to say that I speak English fluently.
I got nothing to say. It happens when I'm happy. Ya know, it's easier to complain about life than saying good things about it.
You know Lollapalooza? That festival that a guy of a band (Jane's Addiction????) created?



Why do I write in english, and after in portuguese and then in english and depois em português, e então e inglês and em português, and then in english again e denovo em português?
Ok, I even wrote so many times to vary so much... I don't know. I got nothing to say. Nothing happens.
Well, this days, people were saying that MCR will came to Brazil for a music festival this year. I would be incredibly happy if this festival wasn't just for people over 18 years old. I'm not 18, unfortunately. If I was 18, I would already have a tattoo. Sooo, I hope they won't come here for this shitty festival.

Easy peasy pumpkin peasy

My Murder Scene arrived three days ago and it's perfect!

You don't care, I know...

...but this is me.

Sem palavras suficientes

Eis-me aqui novamente, escrevendo mais uma vez uma coisa que ninguém vai entender.
Não tenho nada muito importante pra dizer fora o fato de que, PUTA QUE PARIU, O MCR ESTÁ DE VOLTA! O QUE MAIS EU PODERIA QUERER??????? Tá, eu sei, o CD inteiro aqui e agora... ou o algo como o Danger Days : "Carifornia 2019 Edition", só pra variar um pouco mais e pra não dar a entender que eu não sou nada ambiciosa. Pois é, amigos, ambição não me falta, pelo menos não quando se trata de MCR.


Não me perguntem o por que de eu estar escrevendo aqui (se conseguirem me entender), nem ao menos eu consigo explicar.
Também não me perguntem o por que de eu estar escrevendo em português, porque eu vou ser obrigada a responder que é devido ao fato de eu ainda não ter um inglês muito bom, mesmo estudando pra isso todos os sábados á dois anos (são mais três anos pra eu ficar fluente, queria poder dizer que vão passar rápido).
O porque de eu estar aqui, quer dizer, ter uma conta aqui, é o motivo pelo qual todos vocês tem, é claro: ser fã, amar, ser viciada, louca, apaixonada por My Chemical