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Alright, so our band is playing a battle of the bands, and I've come to the realization, its extremely hard to promote our band...especially if your fairly new to the music scene...

We need to sell at least 30 tickets to be "qualified" to basically get another show set up. We aren't really looking to win this, considering some of the other bands there...are well..much bigger than us, and will most likely bring a bigger crowd for themselves.

But we still want to bring out people to this show for us, just so we get some recognition, and its pretty difficult to sell tickets.

Gibson SG special

alright, so i just got this guitar, and i was wondering if anyone else had this problem if they have this guitar. I was at my friends house the other day, and whenever i didn't touch the strings, or any metal piece on the guitar, i got this very bad buzzing. now, i read up on it, and people say that its either a grounding problem within the guitar, or a problem with the grounding of the actual house, amp, etc.

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Read this. just do it.
living what? but its more than that. my dad said that the band was a hobby. and that i should keep the important thing first school. but...what if the band is something completely more important to me that makes me happy..that id rather struggle and feel alive trying to live...than go to school...and go to find out that i have no idea what i want to do with my life. Why must we all follow this same old monotonous institutionalized CRAP. all the colleges and the schools...i understand that its good.