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Short Sweet And To The Point...

RIP Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.

I know this is an MCR site but this dude was a kickass guitarist. Do any of you guys listen to Slayer as well?

Another Day, Another Life...

Wow. My titles are always so dramatic. Anywho, How are we all today? I feel a little better but that could change. At least it's nearly the end of the week and i have band practice tomorrow. Stuff to look forward to, you know. Is it bad to feel so empty? Like, i don't feel as though i'm completely there. I might go back to my doctor, see what she thinks. Anyway, good morning killjoys, hope your day goes awesomely :)

~ Laura xx

Morning All!

The sun has risen and is shining brightly.
It's really early but i can still see it's beauty
Even behind half closed lids.
I really wish i could sleep in
But school is calling me.
Dragging me off my safety net
And feeding me to the sharks.
How are you all?

~ Laura xx

Okay.... Just... Wow.

I always thought that we were a close fan base. One that looked out for each other. That's not what I've seen today. Today I've seen people insulting MCR on their own page. Do you know how much this band means to some people? They put twelve years into helping us find a way to deal with life and I've seen people hating on them on a website where people who are greatly influenced by them can see it. That's not fair. It's not smart. And it really isn't funny.

I may only be 16 but i do know the difference between what should and shouldn't be said in which environment.

Just Saying Hi.

So yeah... Hey!

Damn, Another Dead End...

Just a bad day, i guess. Feeling like absolute sh*t and i can't be bothered anymore. So yeah... How are you guys feeling?

~ Laura xx

Stayed Proud And Pulled Through...

My band's first gig was tonight and it went awesomely. And my exam went really well too. Yay! Hope the day has treated you well.

~ Laura xx

The Sun Is Up, So Let's Get A Move On...

Good day! How do we fair on this fine morning? I, myself, am feeling most content. It is a day of celebration! For in fact, i do have a purpose today. 'Tis the day that i thrust the volume and perform in a little concert. I will also be partaking in an examination for the dramatic arts. 'T'will be a long day. But i shall push through and come out singing.

I'm so hyper. And it's only 6:45. But yeah, to sum up my weirdness, i'm feeling great today. And i hope you guys are too. Love you!!

~ Laura xx


MY FIRST GIG IS TOMORROW!! I'm so excited and nervous and it's gonna go bad but it's still gonna be awesome!! It's also my Drama exam tomorrow as well. I'm gonna fail that. I've only just learnt my lines. But it can't go as bad as the last one. That was horrible. Anywho, I just thought i would tell you guys that. Keep it ugly and stay beautiful.

~ Laura xx

That Cave You Call A Chest...

This quote from 'Skylines And Turnstiles' really hits home. Well, the whole song does but this one line 'Inside that cave you call a chest' it really stands out to me. It's as if it were actually written for me. A lot of people i know are heartless bitches and honestly, it drives me to the point were it's hard to breath. I don't like talking anymore because i'm scared i'll say something wrong. There is obviously a lot more detail to this but i'd rather not go into it. I try not to talk to people. I even vowed never to utter a word again until i got shouted at by people.