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I Love Facebook Admins.

That is all.

Laura xx


So i still feel like crap and i've had a really really bad weekend but you know what? I'm gonna try and get through this. It's gonna be even harder than before because of things happening at home and stuff but i'll try.

That's all i didn't really need to say. I shall begone now.

Laura xx

What to do...

I'm free falling right now and i still can't see the ground.
Though i am screaming, you can't hear a sound.
Because it's all in my head.
The Pain, the dread.
The need to end.
Because my time is spent.

Why i must feel like this.
I do not know.
But when it's over
Please, enjoy the show.
For i shall not fade and waste.
Because i am a person of better taste.
You will hear my scream and desperate plea.
Because there is nothing wrong with me.

Yeah... I'm in a poetic mood.

I Just Want To Say...

I'm sorry...


I need to go back to the doctors. I've needed to for about two months now. My mum either can't be bothered to call them or they don't have any appointments. I'm fucking falling apart here! It doesn't help that my mum's husband keeps mocking me and judging me. I really can't do this anymore. I just.... Can't.

That Little Light Among The Dark

I have a boyfriend. I doubt it will last long but i think it's the first step into being happy again. He's really sweet and awesome. Got a man whore rep but i don't really care about that. I'm not the girly type so i'm not thrown by how many girls he's been with. I just think he's awesome and yeah...

How are you guys?

~Laura xx

Talkative again!!

Okay. So i've been a real downer on here lately and i'm sorry. I've been talking to some of you guys and you are super awesome =) There's this one guy especially, (He'll know who he is. Hopefully) who has really helped me and i think is amazing. You all are awesome it's just that i've been talking with him the most and he's made me feel so much better about myself. So thank you! All of you. =)


~ Laura xx

My Band's first gig.

This is my band's cover of Rock And Roll by The Runaways. The gig was back in April, i think and it went well considering we hadn't really rehearsed much. I thought i'd share it with you all. =) My band's name is Demolition Parade. We're an all girls band from Hastings, East Sussex in England and we really do want to inspire people. We're working on our own second original song at the moment and when i have footage, i'll post it to you. (Here's a hint of what to expect. I scream in the new song. I scream a lot.) Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy it. It was a fun gig.

Here's the link:

It's happening... And it's gonna be good.

My dad put the money into my account and i can now get the tickets to see MSI in November!!! I'm actually surprised! My mum threatened me and said that if i did anything that she considers wrong (like breathing) i'm not going. I'm not letting that get me down because, if i play my cards right, i'll have the money to go anyway without her funding. So there's a really great plus in my series of unfortunate events.

I Feel A Storm Coming. And We All Best Be Ready When She Does...

I'm losing it again. I can't stand the fake calm that settles in me before something big happens. That's what's happening now. My mum and her husband come home tomorrow and i now have the sudden urge to scrub the house down. It's not even that dirty but here i am fighting the urge to find the bleech and clean.
I'm so freaking confused!
This isn't right. I'm not even a tidy person! My room's a shit whole! I'm so freaking confused!