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Just Saying Hi.

How are we all doing? Is everyone good? If not, feel free to inbox me.

~ Laura xx


Frankie's song!!

It's so perfect! He really does deserve the title of 'Best Dad' because of the amount of effort he goes to for his kids. Bless him. I have masses of respect for him.

~ Laura xx

Fake Your Death...

I just heard it. It feels like it's really over, now. But I think I'm ready for it. Granted, it had me in tears, and the concept of them being finished upsets me, but I feel like I have closure. What about you guys?


I Think I'm Ready For Some New Scenery...

I really don't know who I am, anymore. I'm a juggalette. But outside of that, I've completely lost myself. I find myself painting up on most days now; because once I have my clown paint, I feel like I am someone. That's what's great about the Juggalos. They make it known that you fit in somewhere. MCR and the fandom will always be my home, it's just that with ICP and the Juggalos, I have my identity. Painting up helps with certain... Habits that I have. Bad habits.

This loss of who I am is doing no good to my mental state.

An Update That Is Long Overdue...

Let's see... Why have I not been on here for so long?


I was thrown out of my home by my witch of a mother, who now spends all her time tormenting me and my new family even though she should be focusing on the fact that she is literally about to give birth (If she hasn't already). I can no longer see my siblings because they live with her and she won't allow them within a mile from me. She's done this to the extent that I was told by my dad that I had to see him on a different day, because she wouldn't let my sisters see him on the designated day.


I don't even know what to do anymore.

I Don't Even Know Anymore...

I just... Can't. I've got into Death Metal because words aren't enough anymore. If i don't know what they're saying, they can't hurt me. That's how i see it.

Creeping Up Inside

I think all my 'friends' are waiting to kill me.

I don't feel like i can trust them. It's killing me because i can't let them know or they'll kill me faster.

Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls.

I love Five Finger Death Punch. They are one of my favourite bands other than MCR. Their music is amazing and the lyrics speak to me.

Also, i broke up with my boyfriend. It turns out, i'm not the relationship type.

~Laura xx

I Bumped My Head And Now I'm In Wonderland.

I'm in that stage where i can't really decide if anything's real or not. I have an idea but then something happens that makes me change my mind. I'm just getting more and more confused. On the bright side, i had energy drink and was super hyper and NOT DEPRESSED XD

~ Laura xx