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what happened

that happened when my friends and i are bored. what do you think arent we beautiful?

ps. im the weird kid in the middle
love you all

And did you come to stare or wash away the blood?

so i just noticed that im the freak of the school and ya know what. i dont care. i love it to be different and i like my life just the way it is (okay the most time i do)
my sis my friend and i were sitting in the bus on our way home and my sis and i wore our mcr shirts and we talked about my birthday cake. i told them that my parents maybe buy me a cake with MyChem on it when the girls behind us started loughing and gossip about how stupid we are. but we just smiled cause we dont care anymore. i know im a freak and my friends know that too so i give a fuck about gossip and that things.

I'm bored to hell

warning: this is a very random blog!
another boring sunday. my parents argue all the time and my sister and i just listen to MCR. I dont know what to do so I share some nice pics with you :) someone there to chat with 'cause i die if i dont do anything. so please save me for my self-destruction :D

i am a stupid kid

i am a stupid kid cause i burned my hand. just because i want to go the pizza which was in the oven. and stupid as i am i touched with my hand the ceiling of the oven which was 200 degrees hot. stupid me :(

This guy is amazing
need help with art

so in my art lesson we have a new projekt. we made groups and now we should be a band. its a photo projekt so we should imagine our image and kind of music style. who is the singer and that stuff. we also need a name and some ideas for the photoshoots. one is inside and one is outside so any proposals? i would like it to look like lindsey but what should i wear?
help would be great. love ya all :)


a colour a feeling a attitude.
so beautiful and so ugly.
am i the only one who can see it?
it's deep and it's dark it's everywhere.
when i go into it can you save me?
or is any hope lost?
am i really weird?
am i really a misfit?
at the end nobody cares.
you are who you are and you can't change it.
i am who i am and i can't change it!
i wish i could...
but everywhere is balck.
i fall and you can't save me.
you can't save me from myself...


today is just one of those day where you just want to die :/