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So long

Shut your eyes now
The world is better with the lights out
This is our time now
To create and invent
We can be giants now
So let's wait for the blackout
This is our time now
To believe and pretend

Who's to hold up the sky if not you and I?
So long so long so long
Who's to tame the volcanoes on mountains high?
So long so long so long

Put the knife down
Don't you cut your own heart out
I need you alive now
Learn to hold your own hand
Come to life now
Let's leave before sundown
This is our time now
Put an end to an end

Who's to hold up the sky if not you and I?
So long so long so long
Who's to

I don't know

So I'm bored and you don't have to read this. It's not very important or interesting!
So I'm alone at home. My sister (who is younger then I) is at her boyfriends house :/ and my parents... Well I don't know where they are. It's okay. I like it to be alone. And I guess you can say that I am happy (: Well that's wrong! Okay at this point the most people stoped reading so I can come to the real topic. I don't know I just have this weird feeling in my stomach that I can't hold on anymore. I don't know it's just really weird. I stoped self-harm (: I think it's now almost one month without.

don't know a title

2. 15
3. 1.65m
4.brown/ green
5. red
6.38 A
7. Germany
8. Mercedes R 250
9. Yes
11. No
13.Xenoblade, LoL, Fragile Dreams....
14. No
16.England, Netherlands, Austria
19. Pizza
20. relaxed an a bit punk
21. green blue black
22. idk i love so many songs
23. punk rock, alternativ
24.Google :D

Thanks to 3

Thanks to MCR. They saved my life. They helped my being special. I love them so I drew this. Opinions?

Thanks to 2

Thanks to my wonderful sister Hanna. I love you so much and we did this picture together

Thanks to

Nik a beautiful friend of myself. I started drawing again. So I decide to put my pictures on this side. I know I'm not so good but I would love to hear your opinions

The Way It Should Be

So I founded a band a few weeks ago. And today we found a name. We are The Way It Should Be or short TWISB. I put the news on twitter, and it was favourited by Regenerate Music Co. Now I'm so fucking happy you can´t even imagine!
Check out the website
So fucking happy so happy soooo happy (; And I know some people will say now: That's not a big deal. But you know what. I'm a 15 year old girl from Germany. I play bass since February and I have founded this band 3 weeks ago. So it's a big deal for me ! (:


1. Any scars? yes on my arms
2. Kissed anyone? yes
3. Coke or Pepsi? coke
4. Someone you hate? not really. I like the most people
5. Best friends? Well I have the MCRmy (love you all) and my friends in school
6. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? yes
7. What's your dream job? music and travel around the world
8. Ever been in love? yes
9. Last time you cried? Yesterday? I think
10. Favourite colour? Blue, Red, Orange
11. Height? 1,65m
12. Birthday? October 13
13. Eye colour? Brown
14. Hair colour? still brown. But I die them red at Tuesday
15. What do you love?

What do you think?

sorry forgot to post the pic

What do you think?

Yeah that weird girl is me. A few people think that I'm pretty. I like myself but I don't think I'm really pretty. Any opinoins?