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Just Created a Tumblr..

Title explains it in a nutshell really... but yeah, just got a tumblr, have no idea how to use it :/ But follow me please (if you want) http:/ yeah, I still think I have 0 followers.. haha.

p.s If any of you could give me any tips on how to make it better/use it that would be great?


Just One Of My Theories

I've thought alot, about Missile Kid and her relevance to Danger Days and who she is with connection to the Na Na Na and SING videos (ever the analysist that I am). I know the band themselves have said that she is just a made up character that is friends with the Killjoys for whatever reason.

But recently, I've been thinking, could Missile Kid just be a metaphor? A metaphor for one of the themes of the album, that is?

My Favourite Picture of Gerard Way

A still from the Vampires Will Never Hurt You video.


A Year Ago Yesterday

So basically yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the death of Gerard Way's twitter account. As I was in hospital I wasn't able to make an occasion of this, but today I will have a minutes silence in memorial of this sad, sad occasion.

R.I.P @gerardway. :(

I just hope he's finished that bloody fruit of his.

P.S *Wrote this blog whilst refreshing his timeline for the 78000th time*

Truth Is..

What do you do when someone insults your favourite band?

The answer is obvious, right? You're angry that someone could have a bad word to say about something that means so much to you. You want to defend them straight away because that's the natural course of action you take when someone crosses the line. You take it personally because after all, it feels like someone is insulting a part of you.

That's what you do.

And I think this is the real cause for so many arguments within different fanbases.


I take back that post about the "leaked song", It was infact an excerpt of a song Gerard was featured in called Defense of the Genre by Say Anything.

Hope this clears it up. :)

Just a Little Leak...

Ok, I have just heard what is a supposed leak of a new song... HOLY CRAP IT'S BRILLIANT, I HOPE IT'S REAL. Gosh, I am currently in overdrive asdfjklgohuioe.


I need to do some serious philisophical thinking.

Ghosts and Stuff

Firstly, during there K! Award acceptance speech, (British public... well done), Gerard described their mini movie that never was, "It's a ghost, killing another ghost with this K! Award!". I thought it was odd, and brilliant, and typical MCR.

Secondly, did anyone notice Frank was wearing a shirt with a GHOST on it?? Coincidence I think not..

Also what was with the ghost referencing on Franks twitter? "maybe its not a guitar... maybe its like some sort of ghostbox or something" WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!

I can't help but wonder what all this means.. but I wouldn't like to say that it's