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This, Cannot Be True..

Four albums and five releases, one live album, one documentary, millions of singles, thousands of fans, flawless music, thousands of lives saved and dependent on their message, the music, the people, the band.

Ended. In a paragraph no less than 100 words long.

No. This CAN NOT be real.

MCR are better than this for it to truly be the end.

They owe the fans this much.

This cannot be real.

It's just a horrible nightmare.

Conventional Weapons, And Many Other Stoofs. It's Been A While.

It's been a long while since I last posted, and I guess I have a lot to say.

So, Conventional Weapons! I've been in absolute love with it. The fact that we as fans get to here these songs and are welcomed to another landmark in their music's evolution without the consequence of the band calling it quits, is just awesome. (Frank I believe had previously said that they would only ever unleash Conventional Weapons upon us should they decide to disband).

Hearing Boy Division for the first time was very overwhelming for me.

The Brutal Facts Are..

Outside of the internet (haha) I don't really know any MCR fans where I'm from.

95% of MCRmy people that I have spoken to/seen blog posts from are all genuine, awesome and respectable people. They respect the band as a whole, they love the music passionately and most of all they are there for anyone going through a rough time. The MCRmy is, on the whole, amazing.

95% of the fanbase is great, however 5% aren't so great.

And it all boils down to respect. Respect to the band, members past and present, their crew, their families and their personal lives.

New Logo Chat

So what with the new logo being unleashed upon us and all, what do you guys think it symbolises? The arrows, what do they mean?

Any ideas?


So, THE NEW LOGO! Wow, I literally just logged in to see this new layout. Back to the dark!

I'm really going to miss the Danger Days era, however the new stuff that is obviously coming soon (did I mention this before? haha) Is so exciting I can't even believe.

I wonder what the new logo, the arrows, mean? Hmm I guess over the next coming months we will find out more. OH WOW I CAN'T WAIT!

And the Professional Griefers teaser video- looks AMAZING!

Finally.. FRANK'S NEW SONG! It's for Frankenweenie, called "This Song Is A Curse" and it's the bonus track. I can't wait to here this!

"MCR5" Theories. Just A Bit Of Fun. Haha.

So as we all know, the smell of a new era is slowly looming upon us. Costumes, sounds, and the painfully awaited album are already being spoken about and people, including mself (obviously) are getting so excited they could puke (haha).

So me, being me, wanted to have a little bit of fun and start speculating over possible concepts/themes this new album could behold. Please note however that like everyone else, I do not have a fucking clue about what this new era/album is going to be or sound like. I love the element of surprise about MCR and most definitely would like to keep it that way.

Just One Of My Sketches

Yep, it's Frank Iero.

Or at least, I hope it looks like him anyway..

Finally... An Update!

So yesterday was most definitely the most exciting day for quite a while!

As everyone knows (and if you don't where have you been?) the Spoilers interview with Gerard went viral yesterday. And I, along with many other people who live in the UK, were rather perturbed when we saw that it wasn't available in the country. HOWEVER, some kind soul posted it onto Youtube! to whoever that was, I salute you!

It was great to hear from Gerard about how well things were going, (and how awesome was it to see how happy he looked?!) It was so funny, that great big awkward chair and the "I gotta degree in

The Results Are In

So I got my exam results today... finally...


I passed all my subjects with the highest marks you could get, and I can't explain how happy I am about this. After all the doubts and questioning wether I would be able to cope with it, I've done it. And I feel on top on the world.

After all the school I've missed, sat in hospital stressing because I'm not in school doing the work i should be, only just making deadlines and failing prelims and all that shit. I. DID. IT. ME.

I'm able to do all the highers (Scotlands equivalent to A levels) that I wanted to do now, and I know

The Big Day

So this time tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of kids in Scotland will know their exam results and will either be punching the air at their succes or grounded by their parents for their awful failure. I will be included in either one of those scenarios.

And to say I'm scared shitless, would be a massive understatement.

You see, I missed a year of school because of illness, and I had to catch-up on a complete shitload of school coursework whilst still undergoing treatment and missing days and still be up to speed with the rest of my classes.

It was tough, really tough, but I did it.