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Forever a fan.

I have so much love and respect for this band.
Am I heartbroken. Of course.
They have made a huge impact in my life,
and for that I thank them.

Forever a fan.




Okay, i'm done..
Sorry...Just had to get that out.

You may now go back to your everyday lives.


This is gonna!

So this thursday my daughter and myself will be staying with my Ma, and her boyfriend in ther one bedroom apartment, because my father is getting his kitchen remodeled. This is gonna be a very fun three weeks... I love my Ma to pieces, and her boyfriend adores my daughter, but times like this I really wish my boyfriend and I had enough in our savings for our own place. I just hate feeling like i'm a burden on them.

16 hour drive..

Just got back from picking up my boyfriends sister from Kentucky.
A lovely 16 hour car ride with some very close friends. The ride ther wasn't bad.
Well...except for the part where I almost drove us off the cliff, but in my defense the landscape
was gorgeous and got a little side tracked for like 10seconds, ha!