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Wishing MCR the best

I just want to wish MCR the best. This band was (and still) an inspiration to everyone. My Chemical Romance introduced me to rock music and so much more. They even helped me become more open minded.
Yea it sucks that the band came to an end, but their music will live on. I still love them very much! <3

Carry on MCR fans <3

Today is my Birthday :)

Today is my 18th Birthday :) yay!

I hope my day at school will be okay. Last year on my birthday it wasn't....

My first rock concert!!!

A few days ago I went to my first rock concert! It was amazing! I can't believe it!

These are the bands I saw:
1) Mayday Parade
2) Go radio
3) Every Avenue
4) Breath Carolina
5) Artist VS Poet

These guys were amazing!

But I wish that my first concert was a My Chemial Romance concert :(... But I plan on going to one in the future (fingers crossed)

Today is my Birthday!!!

Awesome I am officially 17 years old!!!! My day (night) is already starting out good becuase I just saw the Na na na video, the video is great.

I can't believe I'm's a weird feeling, but good also :)

Guitar notes

Does anyone know any websites Or videos that can help me learn notes on the guitar(sixteenth notes,32nd notes...)??? If not then that's ok :)