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jeez,a new year? >.<

And no,I don't want to ruin people's excitement/happiness/whatever 'cause of 2011 so, a Happy (not really) New Year to those who celebrate it.

Well,I hope I'll survive this year..


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pass me the pepper, please..

Blahh..I sound stupid with the title.

Just a random thing I'm doing. (How could I survive today?!) I'm totally bored..and senseless. I don't know why I'm doing this. >.<

I can't go on and rant about things so..I'm leaving a picture. Well if it isn't clear to you, I drew Gerard Way. I made this last IMCRD. Kinda cartoon-ish,I guess.Yeah,I know I'm not good at it!! xD Anyway,I'm off to get bullied by my cousins.

Ha,I just wasted some minutes of your life!

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Aaah! I was lucky the mall was hosting a cos-play event when I went there! I just got a few pictures because I was kinda shy to ask. >.< But anyway, I got some! These were some cos-players that were really kind. I didn't stay that long because it was getting crowded and my brother was complaining.

*bad image quality* I only had my phone to get pictures,so yeah..
oh and the title is just a random word..But,I think I'm a geek for anime and manga. o_O

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am ruining such a nice day

i'm cold..i'm lonely..i'm so sad..
..and the fucking thing is i don't have an idea why
it's attacking me again..that goddamn disorder.
i'm ruining this day, i know..

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three cheers for storms!!

it's raining here..i love the sound of raindrops hitting hard,the strong hums of the wind,the coldness and of course..thunder!! o_O too bad i can't come out and take photos..

i wish it'll rain tomorrow too..or maybe just thunderstorms..haha,am i weird to like/love storms?

anyway,things are getting a bit violent here..THUNDER! hey,that was loud, not to mention the lightning that brightened my dim room for a second. <3 please don't stop!! haha,im logging out or my mom would start spraying me with her saliva and plugging the computer without thinking..*sigh* mothers..

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taking it seriously?

hey,look at kinda getting serious with this photography thing..too bad im not good enough. im hating the last picture..hehehe,to me it sucks..well,you can say things about them..what do you think?

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Photos I've took

So,yeah..I love/like,i just wanna show 'em 'cause im bored..haha,well, I'd be glad if you'll comment or something..

i kinda gave 'em titles 'cause they're one of my favorites..

if you think they suck,i might agree with you.. >.<

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*memory lost in space*

okay, im totally losing my getting over the fucked rumor.
so i started to go back to the old days.ah,happy moments.. >.<

i kinda miss my old friends.. >.<
ooh..i remember the beach! haha,it's the only field-trip of my school that i actually enjoyed.
water!! love,love,love..the only thing that sucks is the bright and burning sun!
(obviously,im the one with the hood..i hate the sun,really)
the second photo are my old fellas..o_O shadows..

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i miss him badly.. (o_O.)

yeah, i really do! today was kinda depressing for me 'cause I'm getting all paroid like I would always hear his meows. T.T
fuck..i hate it!
i get pretty lonely when i remember Bokbok.. xc

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may it rest in peace..

o_O i remembered when we had an experiment in biology..we dissected a frog! because of my other groupmates (which are all fucking girls,afraid of frogs and things..) i was forced to kill the frog myself. a part of me was really excited and shit because i get to cut..uh,things..i was the only one in our group working..slicing,pinning things and the like.i got very interested after seeing its still beats (because of formalin or some chemical he inhaled)i got it out and poked it.i almost like eat it or something cause it looks yummy.haha, and its sooo cute!! well, only for me,i groupmates were like 'eww!that's so gross! get it off! get it off!'.but after that i got sad because i killed a frog o_O..
yeah,im freakin' weird about that! i really care 'bout animals, i guess. i treat them better than humans. >.< i want to post some of the pics i took but guilt came to me..niaha,oh well.. RIP,froggy.