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There's a thunderstorm here...
nothing.. just... owo

My mind's fucked up. >.<

Can't. Think. Straight.

Sorry. I've just wasted a bit of your time here.
I'm going out for now.

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I just died laughing

Got bored so I tried this weird name generator that gives your name its meaning. xDD I fucking laughed so hard after seeing this. I don't even have a best friend!

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Happy IMCRD!

I think this is a late greeting..but still.

I had an awesome day!! Haha, I dressed up like some dude in the revenge era and played every MCR song up loud. Oh and I drew a bit after my mum unplugged the stereo set. The first one is really what I intended to do for IMCRD.."Headfirst for Halos", one of my favorite song in Bullets. The last one is a 12 am doodle. xD I was still hyper so I need to do something to calm the fuck down.

So, that's how my MCRd went. Hope you guys had a great day.

MCR really save lives!
I'm one of the living proof!

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Fuck yeah!

haha, almost all i could hear at the first part was FUCK!

But no, on the serious side..this song had made me clinging to life for this week. Especially what Bert was saying about how important being artistically creative is...I love The Used (and Bert).

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Anti-matter for the Master Plan

Colors hate me..and I just did something crazy.

My paintings look weird..

Haha, I never thought I'd enjoy painting with different shades of color. This was my first attempt. Is it good or should I toss them to the trash?

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Who knows..

Today's my grandfather's death anniversary..I feel so sad just remembering it. It has been five years though I still can't get over the fact that he's gone. He was like this father figure to me. In fact, I love him more than my parents.

I miss you, Pa..very, very much.

A story..

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I want one.. o_O (so much for the randomness)

I'm Imma bore you too

It's the Demolition Lovers! I made that just a few days ago.
So, what do you think about it? I need to improve these crappy hands.

And um, who's in deviantArt here? I'd like to have some friends.. >.<

ah,wait! Vote for MCR, killjoys!

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Long ago..

my version of Helena..
hmm, I really like Helena :D just saying..

I was bored when i drew this..
so yeah.. my drawing sucks.

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the world is ugly

so, I walked around the city..trying to cheer myself up for some stupid reasons. And I just found myself staring at the world's ugliness..I always try to find beauty into something/someone but not today.It's like my feeling of appreciation or something has been erased.I've been like this for the past weeks..and it seems to me that I'll stay like this for a long time. o_O

the photos are some of what I've saw today..
-senseless graffiti on the walls
-a dead cat rotting on the side of a shitty place
-a boy trying to make a living

so yeah,my day sucked..

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..sooo depressed..and suicidal. >.< want a gun...I'm really sorry.