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fuuuuucckkkkkk yeaahhhhhhhh!

I just heard the first single of The Used! I just fucking died from the awesomeness. Can't wait for Vulnerable!

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I'm so cool. Ha! There was this kid giving away free puppy dogs. I didn't had any intention to get one but she was the last remaining puppy and it seems like nobody likes her. I pitied her so I adopted her! :D Mu dad's with me the whole time and I was like, "Dad, I'm keeping the dog. Now, help me give her a bath." xDD Haha, and my dad just nodded. I was a cool kid for like five seconds then. I just told my dad what to do and he just nodded!

Anyhow..she doesn't have a name yet. I'm a bad name giver..and my dad's the worse. (Kuchii? Seriously? That sounds odd..) She's adorable..she wants all attention to her apparently. And she does this thing...when she gets frustrated or unnoticed, she would chase her tail and bark/yelp annoyingly. xD

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fuck it.

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does this needs a title?

So..I haven't posted a thing for weeks. I figured that I should rather than raping youtube for Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You). God, I couldn't believe I'm so freaking obsessed with it. xD

Recently, I had a tough time the past weeks, dealing with my disorder. I'm currently in the process of staying alive and shit. So, I saw the design, Gerard drew for masscanvas. I loved the colors so I tried to draw it. I really liked how it came out. It was like an explosion of colors for me..because I rarely color my drawings.

Truly, ART is the fucking WEAPON.

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The joker's so cool!
And that kid's just awesome as well. :D

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Yesterday, I was a happy kid.

Fuck yes. I was a very happy kid yesterday. Went to the mall and found out that there'll be a cosplay event that day! I almost jump around like an idiot. asdjlkasdjaklsldl
The cosplayers were awesome, some even were so nice they talked to me. There's this girl who was cosplaying Sunako Nakahara and she was very in charavter. I didn't noticed her at first because she was sitting at a corner. I freaking like her! fdsklkfldkfjlkl L was there too and he gave free lollipops! xD
I had tons of pictures but most of it were blurred and shitty because there were so many people.

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I was on Twitter awhile ago and fucking heavens! I saw an account named @bobbryar [!/bobbryar ] I dunno if he's really him..could be, or not..haha, just saying.
Bob and his beard. <3

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when you're falling down again to that old dark hole..and nobody could help.
you're thinking should have died then..'cause you feel like killing..


~trust no one.

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It just do nothing good. :\

*kill all your friends*
soo..I'm being odd here and post a story I've written..It's entitled "Numb" ('kay, it's a dumb title)

Do you know how to die? I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a crazy messed up kid. But that’s what you all really think of me, right? That’s why I’m here, sitting at your office. People think I’m losing my mind. Help? What help? I’m not stupid. You all are hypocrites. You all say you want to help but do you understand? I don’t believe you...Geez, okay, I’m gonna talk now. Blah, what’s the point here really? I’ll just gonna end up somewhere dire anyway.

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shit happens

*im ruining everything, you wouldn't like to read this*

First off, I just came home from the hospital. With the fact that the peptic ulcer I have has a possibility of being cancerous. That wasn't that bad..but after puking out blood ~ew, I shouldn't describe that.

I'm still depressed, my mind's not working properly. Then, the cancer thing's eating my mind, I would hurt myself real bad.

I turned the computer on, hoping for something to cheer me up even just a bit. But instead, I learn that my friend's battling her depression too and made that jet black feeling inside worse. Could someone tell me what's worst than this?

Baahh, I'm sorry.