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Ipod Shuffle Game ( cause i'm bored)

Go on Shuffle Mode and Answer the Questions

1.How Are You Feeling Today?
Strut~ Adam Lambert ( well ok then)
2.Will I get Far In Life?
Dearest I'm So Sorry ~ Picture Me Broken ( that doesn't sound good)
3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
Bulletproof Heart~ My Chemical Romance
4. What is/Was High School Like?
Sparks Fly ~ Taylor Swift ( sounds romantic)
5.What is The Best Thing About Me?
Hey ~ Mitchel Musso ( sort of true)
6.How Was Yesterday?
Love Story~ Taylor Swift
7.What is my Love Life Like?
I Don't Love You~ My Chemical Romance
8.What will my Parents Say To me?
We Need A Break~ We

Nobody Knows

Nobody understands the things going through my head. Nobody realizes most of the time when i'm sad because i don't show it. Nobody knows that i'm afraid to tell my mom that i'm bisexual because i know she won't entirely accept me. Nobody knows how abandoned i feel because of my father. Nobody knows that the things i saw him do affected me so much. Nobody knows how depressed i was and still am sometimes. Nobody knows how close i was to swallowing a bottle of aspirin that one time. They don't understand that i have feelings too and that most of the time my smile and laugh are fake.

Learn To Laugh At Yourself

In middle school my insecurity was my huge boobs. It seemed like they came out of no where and i had the biggest boobs in my school. I thought it was weird so i covered it up with the baggy school sweater. I was literally the only one who wore it but i thought it was unnatural to have big boobs. Then when school spirit week came we had to wear regular clothes. And i hated that people could see my boobs and some people laughed at it. Now i'm over it. And my little sister was joking about how i could hop over states with my huge boobs. Lmao i laughed so hard.

Up all Night

Yep i'm gonna be up all night. Who wants to chat? Message me. Ray would do it will you? lol jk ;)

I'm Fine

Not much has happened today. I've been fooling around this whole summer. Today i decided to start doing my summer homework ( i know i'm horrible). I have two weeks to finish this before school. But besides that i'm back to my laid back self. How are you guys?

Blink 182

I love this song. It's so funny and it instantly makes me happy. Thought i'd share my happiness. The video is funny too but it's the lyrics that make me laugh.

Breaking Benjamin

This is my boyfriends favorite band. Every time i listen to their songs i think about him. I want to cry thinking about it but i don't think he's worth my tears. I've been trying to contact him but he hasn't answered me. I don't know if he's ok or not. I hope he is. I just want to know why he hasn't answered me. He missed our date and i'm worried about him. My sister and her friends are trying to get me to dump him and move on. But i can't. We're a new couple and this summer is killing me i want to be near him and know he's okay.

I've Watched This Almost Everyday

Another member posted this video before and since then i've been watching this. It has me in tears. I also wanted to do a show where i preformed a monologue for all the Tyler Clementi's out there. When I heard his story i cried and when i heard this poem i couldn't control myself. This poem is for people like me who have gotten so low they thought about taking their own lives. I've been there and i stopped myself because i thought there had to be something, something i could do. There had to be something better than this. This poem is the greatest thing for me right now.

Heyy Guys!

I've noticed that in my personal life and here i rarely have male friends. I think i have about three male friends in my life now( serious no exaggeration). So if you happen to be male feel free to message me. Females can message me too( I don't discriminate lol). I just want to know what it's like to have close male friend. ( cause that's not weird at all).

Zombie Apocalypse

1. Pain~ Three Days Grace
2. Disenchanted ~ My Chemical Romance
3. This Is The New Shit~ Marilyn Manson
4. All The Right Moves~ OneRepublic
5. Better Than Me~ Hinder
6. Ring of Fire~ Adam Lambert
7. Girlfriend ~ Avril Lavigne
8. House of Wolves~ My Chemical Romance
9. If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do~ Get Scared
10. Come In With The Rain~ Taylor Swift