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More about that stupid fucking petition, I was reading about Leathermouth, and the Secret Service did speak to Frank about His song "I am going to kill the president of the united states of america" saying that if he sang it live or released it he would get 5 years in jail. And then when I heard about these stupid petitions, I was worried that his music could get him sent to prison.

But you know what?? I don't give a shit! I love Frankie and My Chemical Romance and Leathermouth with a passion that is unreal, and a loyalty that will never die. Even if ppl label Leathermouth and MCR "emo crap" and say that it's going to promote school massecres, I don't care! I'll listen to this music till I die, or even if I get arrested. I stand up for what I believe in.

About "5th period massacre" Frank said that the song was about how he hated school shootings.

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What is with all these petitions about sending Frank to prison?? It's really worrying me. Is it because of the song he wrote with Leathermouth about killing the president? If he goes to jail i will hate the government even more

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Kay, so me and my mom just got in a huge fight and i walked really far away from my home to somewhere with computers and yeah... my friend helped me get here... i had to wrestle her away from my cd player, she was going to fucking BREAK all my MCR cd's... So I brought them all here and was listening to Danger Days...

My foot feels weird like all the blood's gone from it...

I'm Not Okay

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Everybody who knows me thinks that I am definitely MCR's biggest fan. But I just found someone on facebook who is probably THE biggest fan. I WANNA BE THE BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!/photo.php?fbid=178952875450763&set=o.9297927892&pid=583646&id=100000081558943!/photo.php?fbid=113146005421835&set=o.9297927892!/photo.php?fbid=179001222112595&set=o.9297927892!/photo.php?fbid=179000548779329&set=o.9297927892&pid=583995&id=100...000081558943!/photo.php?fbid=179000445446006&set=o.9297927892&pid=583993&id=100000081558943!/photo.php?fbid=179000385446012&set=o.9297927892&pid=583992&id=100000081558943!/photo.php?fbid=179000278779356&set=o.9297927892&pid=583990&id=100000081558943

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Stolen Merch

So on saturday I went to the mall and at Hot Topic there were these MCR gloves that I wanted but didn't have the money... So my friend stole them for me and I said I didn't want them because I am too loyal to MCR to cheat Them out of Their money. So my friend told me he put them back, and this morning I saw him giving them to one of my friends... I'm really pissed about it...

Frickin' hot topic had a big sign of the Killjoys, yet they didn't have much merch. It was sad.

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First off, when was this interview? The video was posted like 2 days ago, but Gee has black hair...

Where can I find the most recent interview?? I WANNA SEE IT!

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Do I have a record?

I've been working on an MCR fanfic since Thanksgiving, and so far I have 50 pages typed out. It's based on Bulletproof Heart, and I still have a lot more to say. By the time I'm done it'll be like a small 100 page book lolz

It's a Frerard BTW. Would anyone be interested in reading it?

Yesterday I was at the library and I screamed. Because Frerard still lives on.

Gerard was moaning with Frankie on "Destroya," and then He was like "I just got a cool new t-shirt that says I love Frank Iero. Because I do."


--Lady Sparrow--

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They're so far apart

MCR has really grown apart, especially Gerard and Frank... I was watching several of their live performances today, and I noticed that when Gerard moved around the stage, (which He did a lot less of) everytime He'd get near Frank He'd go the other Way... Did they have a fight or something? They used to be so close...
Also, they have so much less energy than before. Frank has become as boring as Mikey in the very beginning, just standing there looking down at his guitar and never looking up. It's actally kind of depressing, and I really don't want MCR to be a cause of depression for me, because then I'd have nothing to turn to.
So has anyone noticed this? And does anyone know what's going on with Gee and Frankie? They used to be So. Fucking. Close. Do they even hug each other anymore?

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You Fail When You Manage to Sound Cute Singing Screamo

Yeah. I've been obsessing over Frank nonstop lately. And I just remembered today that my facebook is linked to my youtube account, therefore all my hardcore obsessing was posted on facebook... And my mom's gonna read it and it's gonna fucking suck.
Anyway. Leathermouth. "I am Going to Kill the President of the United States of America." In my opinion, Frankie sounds cute singing screamo... O_O

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I hate forgiveness.

Trying to walk around today with as blank a stare as possible. I wasnt going to talk to anybody today, but the place I was going to go to didnt have anyone there and a teacher was there, so I talked to people... But yeah. I've been feeling like crap since I woke up this morning... And I listened to "I'm Not Okay" and almost fucking cried remembering Gerard saying "It's okay to be messed up, cuz theres 5 guys who are just as messed up as you."

Has MCR ever made you cry?

Anyway. I hate forgiveness. There's someone who I WANT TO HATE SO MUCH and I do hate her somewhat, and I have fucking REASON to. But me and her used to be best friends and I keep remembering that shit and I miss who she was back in 7th grade. But things will never be that Way again. And she's sitting at a table right across from me right now...

I want to quit feeling sympathy and forgiving people. I want to be a blank person who doesn't give a shit, because my emotions always get in my Way.