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KylalovesGerard's blog

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Ugh... Life.

So. As usual. I haven't been on here in a shit of a long time. Anyway... Life.

I have felt like complete shit this week. Monday I left school early, fearing I might puke on, y'know.. Everyone. Tuesday I still felt like shit, but still went, Wednesday I stayed home, Yesterday I stayed and stayed after school for GSA (Gay- Straight Alliance) and I felt like complete and utter shit today so I stayed home. Now, this is definitely NOT normal for me. I never miss school. EVER. But this week has just been chaos for me, for some reason.

I suck at keeping up with this shit

So... Back once again. The last time I appeared was in fucking July. I'm shitty at this. xD Well, I'm here again! From my last blog, I've started high school. AND I DON'T FUCKING LIKE IT. >.> It's fucking shitty and I want to shoot everyone. I guess that's just a typical teenagers feeling's for you, though. Huh? Well, I'm looking forward to winter break, since it is December now. I love you, my fellow Killjoys <3

I haven't been on here in a looooong time

Damn guys. I have been gone awhile. Last time I blogged was in February, and it's July now. xD I'm on summer break, and only have a few more weeks left of summer, and I hate that. I wish it was May 25th again. (The day I was let out of school) The only shitty thing about the last day of school is that I had a Green Day bag, and someone stole it. >.> If I ever find out who did it, I'll get some Killjoys together to attack them. >:D Well, I've written enough. And by the way, I've seen a lot of Fan fic's lately, and one REALLY disgusts me.. Called.. Baycest?

New things going on with me (:

Hey guys, Kyla here. Well, I'm going through some tough times lately, but I'm trying to pick myself up and walk it all off. I always know I got MCR to my rescue, but I've also REALLY started to take a liking to Green Day. I mean I have liked them for awhile, but I'm really starting to get into them.As you can probably see I just put up a profile picture, and yes it is me. Haha, Well its nice I can come on here and feel free and I'll be checking in much more. Till next time guys <3 (:

I Love MCR

Hi, I'm Kyla :) Right now I'm at school. Edgewood Middle School. I'm 13 and My Chemical Romance is my favorite band in the entire world and that will never change. :) I Love all of them, even Bob who is not in the band anymore. (My Friend Lexy is now watching over my shoulder..) Haha:)