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Heels Vs Sneakers

I feel weird posting this but I just need to hear your (anyone's) opinion on this. Well, I'm having my Junior Prom in a couple of weeks and I'm all set for everything.... except my footwear. Lawl. I actually bought before but I was presented with a few problems:
1) my gown is black and those heels are black too, plus my hair is, you guessed it, black. I feel too black. Haha.
2) They're too high (5 inches to be exact) and
2.a) They're totally uncomfortable. Imagine, I'll be wearing them for more than 6 hours. I feel sorry for my feet.
2.b) I'll be about an inch taller

I'm Here for You!

So I've been reading a lot about people going through stuff---difficult stuff, you know? Well, can I just say that you guys are not alone. I want to help in any possible way I can so if you need advice or just someone to talk to, please feel free to comment or message me. It would mean so much to me if you do. I'd love to comment on each and every person's posts but I don't have the time or luxury to do so :(

I actually want to be a psychologist in the future and part of it is helping people out. Idk, maybe this could be a good practice? Haha. Plus, my friends always ask me for advice. Lawl.

Something to Lift Up Your Day..... Hopefully

So I posted a long time ago that I'd post a poem. Man, I haven't had the chance to do so until now. Well, here it is. I hope that my message may come across to whomever may be reading it. Positive thoughts, guys! :D

-White Noise

The Secret to Happiness

What is happiness?
An ice cream cone on a hot day
Perhaps being with the person you love
Or a warm embrace from a friend

Happiness is not getting what you want
It’s appreciating what you already have
Be content with the things you are blessed with
And you will be the happiest person on earth

If life is difficult
Rejoice and be happy

The Epic Return

Okay, the title pretty much sums it up, well, you know, in a more dramatic way. Haha. I haven't been here in over a month. I kinda miss this place. And boy, it's changed a lot. Gotta say though, the old interface was a bit more colorful. I am so stoked for Conventional Weapons! I will also post a recent poem I wrote in my next blog. Hope you guys like it :D

-White Noise

I Just Need to Say This

Though I've only been part of the community for a short period of time, I love it already. I'm entirely new to blogging because I was probably afraid of the negative feedback I get. The internet is a cruel cruel place, you know. I still gave it a shot and I've actually made a couple of acquaintances already. There's just so much love and support here. We all got our personal problems and I really find it awesome to see how the community sticks together instead of fighting. This truly is something rare.

Any Supernatural fans?

To those who are Supernatural fans, I can't help but compare Sam and Dean's relationship and that of Gerard and Mikey Way. The way Dean protects Sam is like the way Gerard does to Mikey as his older brother. They set the perfect example to loyalty and brotherhood.

Shout out to all Filipino Killjoys out there!

So to all who haven't heard yet, there has been a tragedy in the Philippines quite recently. Strong rains and floods struck the country and a lot of people are suffering. People have lost their homes and some even loved ones. We really need your prayers and support for those who really need it most. Despite all of these things though, we stay hopeful and faithful as part of our Filipino spirit.

I'm new here. Lol.

Hey MCR fans! I'm new to the site and the idea of blogging. Haha. I've been a big fan of MCR though. None of my friends are fans which is sad, I know. I really love the band and I'd like to share my appreciation for them with others who do too. I hope I make some friends here :)