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Nightmares and Venting

I want to tell you all what really is wrong with me, but if I did, what would be the fun in guessing, so I'll just do this, If you think you know the answer to my problem at the end of my vent, then tell me on FB, and I'll draw you something you want, even for those who don't get it right. So here we go. Oh, P.S., At the end I'll give you my name for FaceBook

" I've been having nightmares lately, and they aren't the type I enjoy, they're the ones that freak me out and keep me awake all night.


Planetary (GO!) is one of the songs I listen to when I'm doing exercise, I have no idea why, but it gets me pumped with adrenaline and I feel like moving, the beat just makes me think I'm at a club, dancing or when I'm home, I'll do my aerobics while playing Danger Days.

The reason I'm saying this is because, Firstly; I'm bored. Secondly, I haven't written a blog in forever.

I find that writing blogs to be comforting and very fun at school. School, here in Alaska; can just kiss my fat arse.

School Sucks, Start A Riot

Okay so my first blog was literal shit, so what? Yeah, I thought so.
Anyways, you that picture? I was asked by a teacher to do an "Anti-Bullying" example poster and so I did, I'd show you guys but really the school still has it... Much to my dismay. Now back to what I was saying, I used one of Gerard's quotes, a clip of a song,(Disenchanted) and I made my own quote, and a drawing of a arm with the land limp, and a razor not too far from the deep red gash left in the wrist.

>Title In The Making<

Okay, so maybe I wasn't precise on the title, only because I wanted to talk about whatever I'm feeling right now. Which you could tell by listening to the music video. Mehh, anyways, I'm pulling through this deep depression for MCRmy fans everywhere.

Another thing is I'm not o-fucking-kay, You could trust me on that, some of my friends were actually concerned for me when they heard about MCR splitting, and the other part of my friends and most of my family members(mainly cousins) put me downa dn shit, so I have become an agressive little shit.

The two drawings there were my first attempts on