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I was just watching an old interview if MyChem on Much on Demand, and they said that three videos had been produced for I'm not Okay.

Interesting! Does anyone know of the third or where to find it? That could be cool...

Don't beleive everything you see on the news..

Except that most of Queensland (Australia) is under water. That shit's real. Cyclone-amundo. Spare some love for Queensland.

To Warm a Heart: 30 seconds on defrost

I came accross this video on the youtube. I just found it absoloutly heartwarming. Not only the video itself, but some of the lovely comments of support from other fans out there.

ipod equality

For Christmas my folks gave me a lovely red ipod nano with "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints" engraved on the back (Kudos to all of you who know what songs that's from. If you don't, look it up. It got banned in heaps of states because it was so risque at the time).

I pulled up my old itunes library from when I was about 13, and it turns out I've rated everyone song 5 stars. That way everyone song feels happy and appreciated. Good on everyone for making music, you all deserve 5 stars.

A unique look at you...

Often those who strive to be the most unique, or the most individual are those who care the most about what others say.

My first cathartic experience

Hey I just went to the Brisbane show last night, and I just wanted to say thank you. As someone who very recently experienced a cancer scare, when you guys performed Cancer tonight, it was a truly cathartic moment, and when you followed it up with I'm not Okay, it just reminded me that no matter how un-okay I may be, and whatever the world throws at me, to just turn around and kick it's ass. (And I did just that when some bouncer wouldnt give me my credit card back after someone stole my wallet)