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Thank you for the Nostalgia

Mr. Toro sounds brutally fabulous in his new track. It's making me remember something.

Does anyone else remember a few years ago (somewhere around 2005? Maybe?) Ray Toro had a myspace music page (back when myspace was cool) and he uploaded a few songs that he played/sung in? There were only 2 or 3 songs I'm fairly sure, but they were solo projects of his.

Everyone I ask doesn't remember. Is my memory playing tricks on me? Or does anyone else remember these tracks?

Life made!

Gerard retweeted one of my tweets. Haha. So lame, but so exciting.

This is why body's have a build in 'shock' function

I thought I'd sleep on it. Because it didn't seem real. But even this morning I just feel empty.

I can't believe I'm comparing it to this, but it's similar. It's like that empty 'I'm not sure I can believe what I'm hearing, because I can't imagine my life without' them' feeling I got when I hear my friend committed suicide.

Seeing Lyn-Z's tweet has made it seem more real. Almost confirming it's not a cruel joke.

I was so excited to hear the band was working with Colleen Atwood again, my favourite band and film designer.

It's come at such a weird time, I'm about to start a full time

Did we destroy them?

Can you imagine the pressure of being responsible for millions of kids lives?

Can you imagine logging onto your website everyday, to see dozens of post deleted because they contained suicidal thoughts.

They weren't just musicians. They had thrust upon them responsibility far beyond what they could have imagined. I have huge respect for them for lasting as long as they did.

Don't call them selfish, let's not burden them the responsibility of saving our lives anymore. They've spent the last decade teaching us how to carry on, so now it's time to put it into practice.

It's time for us to save

And the secret to happiness is....

Seriously. There's your answer.

Alot of people need to stop whinging and start being pro-active about things. Whinging changes nothing. And nothing changes unless YOU change something.

A little opinionated advice...

Conforming to a subculture is still conforming.

Conforming isn't necessarily a bad thing. It works for some people.

If you have to ask if you are weird, you are trying to hard to be weird.

If you introduce yourself as 'weird', you're just as normal as the rest of us.

If you say 'I don't give a fuck what people say' when no one has said anything, you give to much fuck about what people say and wish someone would say something about you.

I'm far to busy to give a shit about people's grammar, including my own. And so sould you be.

People beleive their entitled to be happy.

Heaven Help Us

I'm interested in everyone's oppinions of what Heaven Help Us is about. One of my favourite things about music is that everyone can interpret it in their own way, that is relevant to their lives.

To me this music is saying "I'm living my life the way I want to, if you want to smite me down because of it, do it, I DARE YOU"

When I first heard this song when I was a youngen, it fit very much into me becoming aware of the global debate about homosexuality, and how people beleive God's going to stike someone down if they don't conform to 'traditional' values.

So much musical genious so little festivals...

I just got the best news! WARPED TOUR IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA!

All my brain can think right now is HOLEY SHIT HOLEY SHIT HOLEY SHIT.

Which is inconvenient because I'm halfway through an online exam.

Some of you might not understand my excitement, but we don't get too many tours/festivals in Australia. There's really only two rock festivals: soundwave and bluesfest.

I hope that some of my favourite bands choose to get back to their roots and hit up warped tour again *hint MCR hint*


If I didn't have an annurism when I found out about warped tour, I

And this is what happiness feels like...

Sometimes things just come together. I never used to beleive the 'everything happens for a reason' and to an extent I still don't. But all of our experiences definatelly do influence how we view our lives, and we certaintly do learn from everything that happens to us.

People always told me I had bad luck, and I guess I beleived them. That was until fo course that something really bad happened, and I guess you can only feel a 'bad' experience if you've had good experiences to compare it too.

But I see now why it all happened, and I see now how it all came together. And it's brilliant.

Let's play favourites.

I had massive plans for today, but that fell through leaving me with nothing to do but college assignments. Or I could waste some time arranging MyChem songs in my favourite order. So here they are! My songs, from favourite to least favourite.

I’ve included all the songs off their 4 albums, LOTMS and TBPID and Conventional Weapons. I haven’t included B sides, covers, unreleased songs, musical interludes or solo projects.

This list is likely to change from day to day, but the first 5 are pretty static. It was bloody hard! And I’d be interested to see your guys’s lists too.

1. You know what