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Motionless part 4.5

Later that afternoon, Kobra was sitting in the main room of the hideout, waiting for Harley to wake up when Ghoul walked past him and said "I saw you take that shot at Harley, and I must say you are an EXCELENT marksman!" His voice heavy with sarcasam. "I-I have no idea what you're talking about." Ghoul chuckled. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't lie." Kobra stood up. "How'd you see me? I was totally alone!!" Ghoul shrugged. "I was well hidden... meaning I was around the corner. I saw the whole thing." Kobra rolled his eyes. "What do you want?" Ghoul thought for a moment.

Motionless part 4

Harley sat by the closed door, listening to what they were talking about. She leaned her head back and tried to remember what really happened that day, but she couldn't. All she could remember was the altered version of their stay. "I'm going to get to the bottom of this myself." She whispered to herself. Harley hopped in the bed of some Killjoy's pickup truck, hitching a ride to BL/ind. Jumping out and landing silently on the balls of her feet, she stared into the eye of a horrendous killing machine built up on secrets, fear and lies. She knew first hand the terror held within those walls.

Motionless part 3

"Harley.... Harley.... You alive?" Someone said to her. She opened her eyes and sat up, groggy, dazed and confused. Harley looked around and saw their hideout around her. Her and the someone were on the floor. "Good, you're alive." The mysterious voice said. "Yeah, I'm not sure how I manag-" Harley couldn't finish her sentance. She was petrified of the face that sat in front of her. Immidiatley the scars on her back flared with pain. "Get away from me!" She screamed, tears filling her eyes.

Motionless part 2

Part 1:
Harley came around a long while later in her cell again lying on her bed. The huge lash marks on her back, coupled with her head injury and the rest of her body hurt made it imposstble to do anything without feeling some kid of sharp, shooting pain. She could feel every single one of her veins in her body coarsing with what felt like fire. Every breath hurt and there was no position that eased her pain. She wished her brother was still alive.

Motionless part 1

They were deafening.
The screams of pain, terror and loss echoed through the prisoner's side of the BL/ind building. Harley tried to block out the bone chilling noises, but it was physically impossible. She leaned her head against the cold white wall behind her in hopes of relaxing, but her heart wouldn't stop racing. Harley sat in her small room, hoping that her turn wasn't next. She'd been rotting in this cell for three weeks, with no food at all. At least starving to death would be less painful than whatever they were doing to her commrades.
Harley pulled off her white Oakley skiing

KONY 2012

Everyone read and watch this right now. This is a matter of making a better future for all the people (and Killjoys) to come.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

Donate to Invisible Children:
Purchase KONY 2012 products:
Sign the Pledge:

If you do, you will help to end


I have these three beautiful poems for someone very special and it's killing me inside that I can't give them to him. He's one of my favorite people ever and I've got a major crush on him, but he doesn't even notice me outside of the one class we have together. So, since I can't give them to him, I'll give one of them to you guys.
It's called "Promise"
Promise me you'll never give up on me.
Promise me you'll make me feel loved.
Promise me we'll always be friends.
Promise me that to you, I'll always be beautiful.
Promise me you'll stand by me.
Promise me you'll do anything for me.
Promise me

Just got a tumblr!

Hey! I just got a tumblr. follow me guys: hehehhehehehehehe i know it's pretty bad, but yeah.

My life just got a little better... but not by much

Before you read this blog, click on this link: .... then you'll have the whole back story.

Okay so Luke broke up with his girlfriend a few days ago because she started bashing me behind my back too. He heard her talking about me and flipped out at her. Yesterday he and I were jamming together and randomly out of the blue Luke asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I really like him a lot so I said yes.... which has now made the bullying from his old girlfriend has gotten even worse.

Please help.

Please? Can you take like five minutes out of your day to help a Killjoy whose hurting?
this girl at my school has decided to start pushing me into lockers, make fun of me and mock me right to my face. I want to tell someone about it, but I don't know who. A friend of mine, Luke, saw her push me into a locker and flipped out on her ass, but that only added fuel to the fire. The worst thing is that she's friends with Luke's girlfriend, so I'm pretty much forced to be around her every day when all I want to do is crawl in a hole, hide and cry my eyes out every time I see her.