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I'm done. I'm just done.

I'm done with lables and my year at school. I'm sick of this generation. no one understands what respect is any more, or what morals are. guys treat girls like shit, and girls treat other girls like shit. its time to wake up and start realizing that these next few years are the ones that shape your life and the person you are. if you fuck up now, you'll be paying for it later when it really matters. why can't we all just coexist in peace and live together without judging each other?

i saw someone else doing this and i want to try

whatever you think of me when you see this picture, write it in the comments. I don't really care what it is, but please be honest. and tell me what kind of person you think i would be after just looking at this picture.
Sorry to whoever did this first, but i just wanted to try it, y'know? the idea was pretty cool, i thought.
and i usually don't look like this when i take pictures but my boyfriend Luke was over when i took it and he made me laugh and i smiled bigger than usual, so that's why my nose looks so huge.
Ok I'll shut up now.
<3 <3 <3 <3 RomeoVersusJuliet

Usually I suck at drawing...

...but for some reason this one turned out pretty good. for those of you out there who don't know, this is edward scissorhands from my fave movie of all time. what do you think and BE BRUTALLY HONEST. If you don't tell me what you really think then I won't get better.
<3 <3 <3 <3 RomeoVersusJuliet

I need a hug.

I swear to God my older brother hates me. Now I know what you're thinking "He's your brother he can't hate you," but trust me, you've never met him. He throws stuff at me, makes fun of me all the time and never once has complemented me on anything i've done. i've at least made an attempt to be somewhat nice to him for the last fifteen years, but he just hates me.
i need a hug... like the name of this blog says.
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If anyone wants to be in my next story, leave a comment or message me your killjoy name and let me know!
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Sweet Sweet memories

hey guys.
so i just found this old pic of me and my ex at our school semi and it made me miss these days so much... y'know when i wasn't single and lonley.
but it also made me glad that i'm not going out with him anymore. he was an asshole. i can still kind of tell that he likes me but i don't want to date him again. he keeps putting the moves on me and i don't know what to say to make him leave me alone without being like "eew get away from me you ass."
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Motionless part 6

The next day was relativley quiet, with Harley and Kobra both nowhere to be found. Harley was sitting about a half mile away from the hideout in open desert, her gun shoved in the sand waiting for BLI to come and take her. She didn't even care anyomre. She just wanted to dissappear. Leave this life of running in fear and never come back. Harley's whole life had been a lie, wheat else did she have to live for?
She got yanked into the van with no struggling, no resistance. The Draculoid in the back with her seemed very farmiliar, but she couldn't place why.

That empty feeling....

How do you guys remedy that empty feeling inside? I would talk to someone very special, but he doesn't know that I like him... and he's already got a girlfriend. Bust she's a hoe, and hates me. So that's out. I don't really feel like talking to my friends, but they're not here right now. And I don't feel like tking to my parents that much because they confuse me. So I'm gonna hang with you guys for the rest of the day, kay? Kay.

<3 <3 <3 <3 RomeoVersusJuliet

Motionless part 5

Harley woke up to Kobra's face sitting in front of her. This time, she wasn't afraid of him anymore. It was the middle of the night, but he was still awake. "You okay?" She asked him. "Something's wrong, I can tell." He shook his head, then nodded. "Yeah... something is wrong. I did something really horrible. I didn't want to tell you about it, but I have to." She sat up. "What's wrong? What did you do?" He heaved a sigh. "Before I tell you, promise me you won't get mad at me." Harley looked him in the eye skeptically.

To party... or not to party?

Just me again down here.
So, this guy I really REALLY like told me about this party he's having at a friend's house that is literally right down the street from me on Friday. His band In Your Words is going to play, and so are a couple other bands that we both like. Do you guys think I should go? I'm kind of nervous to ask my parents though. I asked about another party a while back and their first question was "Will there be drugs or alcohol there?" Apparently, "probably" was not the right answer. So, my friend Grace's halloween party was out.