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krazykatkilljoy's blog

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Collage for emilykilljoy22

here you go! made with love in Boston, MA.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

birthday collage for Rhynie-bean7's friend

here you are! all done. hope she likes it and has a happy birthday.

Some edits made by yours truly :P

if you want one, i'd be happy to make one for you :) just message me what your favorite things are and i'll do my best to make one for you :P
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

This is for an english project. Read it for me?

I ran, looking back behind me every few seconds to make sure I wasn’t being followed. Alarms blared. Lights flashed. I kept running as fast as my black Converse high tops would carry me. The year was 2019. I was breaking out.
But, I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Hayley Anderson. I’m 19 years old and I’m a member of an underground uprising called The Resistance. We’re fighting for the takedown of Paradise Incorporated, a company that runs the Republic, where I live. Everyone thinks Paradise Inc. is perfect… except for 99 percent of the people under their microscope.


"Everyone's fighting some kind of huge battle, and most of them find it hard to fight that battle. It's their waking up to fight the everyday battles that help them carry on. These small battles help make the huge battle seem much smaller." -Unknown.

I need some new music...

Anyone have any suggestions for some music for me? my favorite bands are green day, weezer, paramore and MCR. I really like punk and indie music. any suggestions?

Fire and Water part 3

"Ahh... so, he fancies the girl, does he?" Korse hissed, watching Poison and LynZ on a screen in his office. He watched the couple as if they were the most interesting thing he'd ever seen. "Well, if he loves the girl so much, I know just the way to break him. You!" Korse yelled, pointing at the guard in his office. "Get me the best team of employees you can find! And as fast as you can. This is a very important matter." The guard nodded. "Yes sir. Should I give them the details, sir?" Korse thought for a moment. "No. This is a top- secret matter.

some new art for you guys :)

by me :) what do you think? edward scissorhands was drawn by me, and i love it! don't you think it would make a good tattoo? maybe a bit more stylized sure, but i think it would look so sick as a tattoo.

Fire and Water part 2

Later, when we got back to their little Command Center, I got the whole story. "Okay, so... here's the deal." Poison said, "We've actually been watching you for quite a while, but didn't need to step in until now." I crossed my arms. "All right, kind of creepy but go on," I said. "Anyways, we knew how powerful you were, but still weren't sure whether or not it was worth it to go and get you. Then when we found out that huge group of people you were staying with were Draculoids, we knew we had to get you out of there. And that's how you ended up here." I nodded. "Okay... now who's this Dr.

Fire and Water Part 1

this is that story i was telling you guys about that was inspired by music. hope you like it!
Finally, I had a moment to myself, something I rarely got out here in the Zones. I walked to a small lake I'd found so I could practice my special talent. Not many people could do what I could do. I'd been born with this talent. I'd never told anyone about it and I only used it in the most dire situations. But, it was my best weapon besides my gymnastics flips and tricks.
I knelt down, my palms flat against the ground so I could feel the energy coarsing around