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I finally went to the record store today and got Danger Days! hahaha only took me two years :D I've been listening to it on repeat for about 2 hours now, alternating it with some Green Day too. Just thought I'd let you know.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

I'm kind of starting to hate Facebook.

Barely anyone reads anything I write, I only keep it so I can remind myself I'm not a crazy slut like half of the girls in my grade. Plus, this girl from my old school's been making fun of me every five seconds and i hate it. I want to delete my Facebook, but that's the only way I can talk to my friends.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

Short Story

I stood out on the frozen lake, a hollow shell of the girl I once was. I wished the milky white layer of ice would crack and take me away from my misery. No one would miss me. I wouldn't even miss me. The ice looked so thin, so fragile. Much easier than trying to cover up something I did. I closed my eyes as I breathed in the chill of winter. I loved the cool filling my lungs and sending a shiver through my whole body. I sat down cross- legged and took off my heavy wool peacoat. I sat in my black shortsleeved shirt and examined the quilt of scars that blanketed my forearms.

Drawings and Tumblr

hey everyone! it's been a few days. anyways, I brought my sketchbook to school with me today, which isn't something I normally do. i was bored during science and decided to doodle a bit, and this is what I came up with. The first one is Edward Scissorhands, and the second one is a character in a story I'm writing at the moment named Jackie Jailbird.
Secondly, I got a Tumblr a few weeks ago, and i've only got 27 followers, so if you guys want to follow me, go right ahead. here's my tumblr:
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

Insomnia sucks.

I'm on my 48th consecutive hour of no sleep right now. and it FUCKING SUCKS. i could barely focus today during school and I was so tired I fell asleep in my photography class, which is my favorite subject. Hopefully tonight will be better and I'll actually get some sleep.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

new untitled story part 1

"THERE SHE IS!" I heard someone yell. I turned around, trying to look and see where they were coming from. Idiot me just had to get back into Battery City. But, my friends weren't going to break out themselves. So, of course, they just had to have me do it for them. No one else was as "fierce" or "stealty" or "awesome" as me. Whatever, they were safe now. I managed to outrun the draculoids following me, and was back to the HQ in Zone 6 by nightfall. When I got back, everyone except for Mikey was asleep. He was still waiting up for me.

They probably won't see this but.....

Dear Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way and Hayley Williams,

Thank you guys for being there when it feels like no one else is. Thank you for writing songs that speak to exactly what I’m feeling. Thank you for giving me the hope that tomorrow will be better. Thank you for teaching me better lessons than the American school system ever did. Thank you for helping me find my voice.

Love from Hadley Strainge.

I just need a hug.

A real hug, not a crappy half- assed hug. One of those hugs where someone wraps their arms around me tight and assures me everything's going to be fine, where I feel like they're actually there for me and that nothing can hurt me and that they care.
I need a hug. Really bad.

Dear Hipsters…

…please, PLEASE stop wearing t-shirts of bands or musicians you bought from H&M and then taking pictures of yourself with instagram in front of your dirty mirror.


an annoyed Pink-Floyd and Bruce Springsteen Fan

I hate when people ask if you're okay.

On the outside, I usually say "yeah, i'm just tired." but on the inside, i'm thinking something along these lines: NO I'm not fucking okay, everything is slipping away and my life sucks. I ruin everything and I drive away everyone that means something to me. I find some way to screw something up every day and I'm not good enough for anyone. I live in a dead end town and want to get out, but I've got nowhere else to go. I can't even figure out how to have a somewhat normal conversation with other people. Now, do you think I'm okay?

But I can't say that to anyone because I don't want to freak