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One time, at dance camp.....

I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't know, I was away for two weeks at irish dance camp and it was AMAZING!!!! I had the best time ever and it was so much fun. Our instructors that taught our classes are all professional dancers who tour with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Rhythms of Ireland and a ton of other dance shows.

It's been a while and i got bored so yeah. this happened.

Real name: Hadley
Killjoy name: RomeoVersusJuliet
Age: 15
From: Massachusetts
Favorite color: pink or aqua blue
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite movie: Edward Scissorhands
Favorite band DVD: Bullet in a Bible and Awesome as F**k
Favorite food: mac and cheese
Favorite drink: idk, water?
Favorite comedian: Gabriel Iglesias
Favorite movie genre: fantasy
Favorite book genre: fiction
Favorite book: If I stay

Top 10 favorite bands:

1. Green Day
2. My Chemical romance
3. Paramore
4. Weezer
5. Black Veil Brides
6. Avenged Sevenfold
7. In Your Words
8. Sleeping With Sirens
9. Of

Cough Syrup part 5 (i think)

Sorry about the length! It's meant to be Hayley narrating her life before she became a vampire.

I met him completley by chance. Neither of us noticed each other before then. We'd seen each other in passing; a smile as we passed each other on our way to a class, an accidental bump in the lunch hall. I really noticed him when I started the drawing.
I was sat all alone under a tree during lunch on an oddly hot October day with my sketch book draped across my lap, searching for inspiration.

First off: Chicago!!! My mom, my brother and I went to Chicago so I could dance at the North American irish dance championships. I didn't place, but it was my first time so I didn't expect much. Here's the pictures from it:

Second: I FINALLY came up with a title for the story I've been working on about vampires. I've decided to forgo one of the usual creepy vampire titles and call it "Cough Syrup" after the song by Young The Giant.

Latest painting's all done!

You like? And, sorry I haven't been on in like weeks, but I've been really busy with dance. I'm working on a new story at the moment, it'll be up in a few days.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

new story part 4

RomeoVersusJuliet was lying unconcious in the BLI main facilities, strapped down to a white table. She looked plain and helpless, not like herself. Some of the BLI "scientists" were doing some testing on her, trying to see what made her different from the average human. They started cutting her open, making very deliberate inscisions with razor sharp equipment. The scientists poked, prodded, drew blood sample after blood sample until there was nothing else they could do. They roughly stitched her up and left her strapped to the table.
R laid there for another half hour until

new story part 3

part 2:

The next day, I borrowed someone's car and made my way over to the Run, this huge black market on the west side of Zone 6. I'd lost my dagger in the rescue mission and I wanted a new weapon. When I got there, I headed straight for all the weaponry, when something caught my eye: a gorgeous ebony bow, carved intracitley in the shape of angel wings. An elderly, kind looking man was sitting behind the table the bow was on. "Hi! How much for this?" I asked, gently picking up the bow.


I really really really just need a good cry right now and a HUGE hug from my crush. That's all I want, but of course I can't get either of those things because I'm not alone or with him at the moment. I don't know why I feel so crappy right now, my day wasn't all that bad. I just need someone to vent to. You guys'll listen to me, right?
Love and hugs, x's and o's,

my new dance dress :D

so as the like 4 people who actually talk to me know, I'm an irish dancer, and the nationals are next month. my teacher wanted me to get a new costume for the nationals and here it is :D i couldn't be happier. it's perfect. just wanted to share with you guys.
Stay dirty and stay dangerous,

new untitled story part 2

Part 1:
I passed him a few more times in the woods that night, but we didn't talk. He just gave me a few glares and kept about his own business. I'd never seen him like this before. He must've been either really hungry or really stressed. He was probably most on edge because we were still stumped as to where LynZ and Bandit were. Bandit's birthday was yesterday, and Gerard had missed it. That was the main concern for us right now: reuniting Gerard's family.
I made my way back to the HQ before everyone else got up.